Cleansing is a form of Vibrationology. We tune into our environment and our surroundings with the outer world. However, there is an invisible world that you can't see with the naked eye. When you are really in tune, it's with you all of the time. You can feel and see it in nature within the creatures of the air as well as the ground around you. In that moment, you will pull back the different layers of the scene you are watching with your third eye which allows you to feel, touch and smell the form of vibration. This is also included in your visions, dreams, as well as your lucid dreams. Vibrationology allows you to bring fourth and attract all that is positive and thus repel all that is negative. Vibrationology is your instinct feeling that something is not quite right. Your feelings play a big part in this process and therefore helps to avoid mishaps, twists, and turns in any situations you encounter within your life. Vibrationology begins with a light, which is the candle you burn to bring you out of the darkness and toward the light of love, happiness, and peace within and around you. This cannot happen unless you are willing to change and let the universe guide you through the direction of the light of the creator. It's a choice to continue to stay standing still or gain movement to be free as a butterfly and live life to your fullest potential. The spiritual Gods of the universal helps you to change these things in order to attract positive vibrations and repel negative vibrations. This allows you to then transcend into a messenger that spreads spiritual wisdom to the wider world. Additionally, you become a mentor and speaker of the truth as a disciple of the creator within the universal.


The essential oils will help you to clean your environment, your home, and yourself. You can put just a few drops in your bath as well as in your washing machine, carpets, hardware, just to name few. You can even place a few drops on yourself.


The word stone is the 'unspoken word' that is selected for the problem you are having at the time. You need to believe in the word of the stone in order for anything to change, whether it is something you want to bring or taken away from you.


The birth stone is associated with your astrological birth sign and has all the properties of the sign working to bring positive vibrations and repel or take away negative vibrations.


The third and final stone is associated with the foundation of the planet, mother earth, and its properties enriched with the movement of the planet. Its properties charged with the vibrations of helping you to attract what your heart desires. Carrying all three of the spiritual stones together will build boundaries around you. The triangle, which is three, is the boundary between the physical and spiritual realms. When you use these products, you will feel like you are ten feet tall. You will start to change and attract the things you desire and repel the things you don't need or want. The difference will become clear. Additionally, you will be given two psalms to say.


The first thing you need when ordering one of the packages is a cleansing bath. This is a separate component to your package.  This is an essential step, before using the contents in the packages.  Once you have completed this step, than you can order any other package you need for a particular reason, such as a bath to expel or bring things to you. The bath will come in three size  bottles:  6oz bottle at $10.00, the 8oz bottle at $14.00 and the 12oz at $18.00.  You can buy any of these items in the package separated. In addition to the bath, I will also provide two more sizes of the essential oils, which is the 1ml bottle for $6.00, the 3lm bottle for $8.00 and the 5ml bottle for $14.00.

Vibrationology Pricing Packages

The next aspect of vibrationology is the pricing of each package which will included essential oil, candle, birth stone, word stone and properties stone to bring on or repel vibrations from you. You can purchase each item individually as well.

PACKAGE ONE ($25.00) This package includes a 4" candle *any color* (encased in glass), essential oil, birth stone, word stone and the final stone with the properties to bring to you or repel something away from you.

PACKAGE TWO ($30.00) This package includes seven (7) day candle (encased in glass), essential oil, birth stone, word stone and the final stone with the properties to bring to you or repel something away from you. the price will be $30.00.

PACKAGE THREE ($35.00) This package includes specialty seven (7) day candle (encased in glass), essential oil, birth stone, word stone and the final stone with the properties to bring to you or repel something away from you. All items can also be ordered separately from each package which will be additional $4.50 or more for each items. **************************************************************************************************************************************************** Candles are a symbolic way to increase positive energy and cleanse away negative energy. Below is a brief description of what each candle represents. Each candle cost $9.80:

Blue: Used to obtain wisdom, harmony, inner light, or peace. Other uses include healing, sleep, creativity, perception, calming wisdom, truth, loyalty, dreams, and the examination of emotions.

Brown: used to eliminate indecisiveness and improve powers involving concentration and study. Best used to increases financial success and to obtain and maintain job.

Green: Used for prosperity, fertility, and success. Improves good luck, can increase money, harmony, and rejuvenation.

Orange: Used as a balancing element. Promotes mental stability, energy, success and stamina. Best used to affect legal matters, success, action and promotion.

Pink: Represents emotions from the heart and increases energies. Stimulates romance, friendship and hope.

Red: Used for physical pleasures. It can stimulate lust, courage, or strength against enemies. Also, promotes energy, health, and will power.

White: Used to promote the highest awareness to protect, purify, and heal. Signifies truth, unity, protection, peace, purification, happiness, and spirituality.

Yellow: Used for attraction, charm, confidence and persuasion. Used to promote mental clarity, knowledge and concentration. Also used for healing.


  • To cleanse each candle, you will need to take a tissue and place alcohol on it.
  • Clean the small candle completely and the two candles in the glass must be cleaned inside and outside of the glass. The reason for this is to take away negative vibrations from where the candle came from and who was last handling the candle. 
  • The next step is to take your essential oil and take another tissue and place the oil on it. Clean the first candle completely, including the top of the candle. Start from the bottom of the wick and proceed to the top and stop. Start again from the bottom of wick and proceed to the top and stop. Continue to do this until the whole candle has been cleaned completely.You need to do this regimen with the two encased candles as well.
  • To bring something to you, turn the candle toward you with the wick facing you and the bottom of the candle facing away from you.To take something away from you, place the bottom of the candle toward you and the wick is facing away from you. Each way concentrate on what you want to come or take away from you.
  • You can use your essential oil in your bath, washing your clothes, washing your floors and placing it on yourself. You can also clean each stone with a small drop of the essential oil on each stone.Once the candle is lit, place it somewhere no one will come in contact with it and let the candle burn out completely. DO NOT blow out the candle and relight it. To do so, would take away the reason you had lit the candle. If the candle is turning black that means it's cleaning up the problem and if the the candle bust,that means it will take care of its self.
  • Check the candle in the glass as well as small candle. Do not discuss this with anyone as to why you're burning the candle. This is between your spiritual guides, guardian angels, forefathers and the creator. You will start seeing and feeling a change in you. The problem that you had will be going away. 
  • The word stone you will have to say the word given ten times a day silently or quietly. You will have to carry all three stone with you. This represents the the number three (3)which is found in every culture bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world. Once you start doing this keep a journal, to write down what has changed in your life and how your environment has evolved into the new you. Also, document the reaction of the people around you in a more positive manner. Get ready to take the next step to the new better you!

Check out the variety of adjustable rope bracelets such as love, praying hand and protection I’m sure you will find them to your liking.  The price will include free shipping and handling one for $7.00, two for $12.99.  Available at website 

Adjustable Crystal Donut Necklace

You will enjoy these wonderful Adjustable Donut Necklace to wear to bring you love, protection, prosperity and to bring a calmness state of being in your life. They also will bring good health and mental state of clarity into every thing you do. You can oder these ajustable crystal donut necklace on my website

Pi Stone 30mm Donut With Adjustable Cord


Crystal Genuine Leather Bracelet

Crystal genuine leather bracelet for men and women can be purchase from my website which is These bracelet are made of spiritual crystals which has many positive attributes. These are the kind of bracelet I'm selling. (1) Red Howlite (2) Tigers Eye (3) Black Agate (4) Set of two Rose Quartz (5) Set of two Green Aventurine (6) Set of two Amethyst (7) Set of two Gray Agate (8) Black Leather. You can reach me at my my e-mail or website

Washable Face Covering Masks

Small double size prints

Small double size print

Medium double size print


Medium double size print

Small doubld size prints

One solid size mask fits all

The Valentine Love Package & Tarot Card Reading Special

Valentine’s Day is near and love is in the air.  You may be in a committed relationship or single and looking for love.  Whether you are in a committed relationship and need to spice it up or need to draw the right love possibilities to you in the hopes of meeting the person of your dreams, I have created an amazing love drawing Valentine’s Day Package for you. 


The Valentine’s Day Love Package Special consists of a specially prepared candle to draw love and or keep your lover close to you, love oils, stones and a bath with a loving aroma sure to attract your lover.  Also, a Tarot card reading to make sure all is moving forward on the love train.T 


The cost is $98.00, but in the name of love, the first 25 customers will receive a $10.00 discount.   


Don't miss out on love, make your appointment now because Valentine's Day will soon be here.

Organic Oil Bath Salt Kits


I would like to introduce you to a amazing new product that I have created to take away all of the stress of life.  The name of the product is Oil Bath Salts Kit.  It will consist of the following organic, healing, uplifting, stress, and relaxing, muscles and pain, etc.  You can also get all of the salts mix together  which will be include in the kit will be two small scent candle you can use over and over again.  A mixture of calming and relaxing organic essential oil, four organic incenses to burn while you're bathing, a tumble or crystal stone to help you to relieve yourself of the issues you're having all for the price of $35.00 plus shipping and handling. 



The Himalayan pink salt plug-in night lamp are mined from natural deposits from deep inside of the earth and they have been around for two-hundred and fifty million years, so they will last a life time, with orange hues as well as given you many health benefits.    When you plug-in your Himalayan pink salt lamp, the inside will heat up and give off a wonderful & beautiful glow. Also, the salt contents will increase the negative ions count in the air that surrounds the lamp. The negative ions have been known to make you feel tranquil and relax. Some of the positive benefits from the lamp is that it will change the energy in your environment, clean the air, bring spirits with positive energy as well as take impurities out of the air.   Additionally, it will help ease conditions such as asthma, pollutants, electronic smog from your devices, such as television, telephone, microwave and other appliances in your home.  Lastly, it will help with skin condition, mental health issues such as stress, insomnia, headaches/migraines, rheumatism and blood system disorders. 

To maintain your Himalayan pink natural salt lamp, you need to clean it by taking a slightly damp cloth and wipe it down from the top to the bottom twice a month. Occasionally, you will have to replace the bulb.  You get all this for the low price of $20.99, plus shipping & handling

Holiday Special


I have created this wonderful exciting Holiday Season to help take away any negative energy that may be surrounding you. The Holiday Season Special will consist of three parts. The first one will be for cleansing any negativity away from you . This includes a seven (7) days cleansing candle, three (ml) organic essential oils, four (3) stick cleansing incense to burn, a crystal or tumble stone to carry with you and a small organic bath.

 The second one will consist of a seven days (7) specialty prosperity candle with three (ml) organic essential oils,  four (3) stick incense to burn, one crystal or tumble stone to carry with you and a small organic bath.  The third and final one will consist of a seven day love specialty candle, three (ml) essential organic oils,    four (3) stick incense to  burn, one crystal or tumble stone to carry with you and a small organic bath.

 This holiday special will take any doubts, fears and anxiety and other peoples negativity that is projected towards you and attract the positivity to bring better results in these three stages of cleansing, prosperity and love into your life and your heart desire.  The cost of this package is 

Is $65.00 but will be cut in half for $35.00  plus shipping & handling for the holiday and instructions will be enclose. 

Wine & Cheese Psychic Party Special

Thinking of having a girl’s night out party?  Why not host a "Wine & Cheese Psychic Party.   Minimum of five quests or more and the hostess is FREE! 




*Readings are $20.00 for 15 minute reading via 

   Skype and/or FaceTime 

  Guest can extend time at $1 for each additional minute 


I can travel to you for a small transportation fee ( within a  15 mile radius). 

Here is the list of reading options Tarot, Dreams, astrology & meditation. 


I created a Dream Pillow Kit that will assist you in remembering your dreams once you have awaken in the morning. You will need to place a glass of water near your bed or underneath it and it's a good idea to have a dream journal nearby- for the purpose of recording your dreams.

Find a trusted friend or family member whom you can discuss your dream(s) with and what they mean to you. Talk about the people, places, environment and symbols in the dream and how you feel about them. The Dream Kit will help you get a good night sleep and wake up ready to go.

The Dream kit will consist of the following with instructions: a) 3oz bottle of organic essential dream oil mixture which you will spray on your pillow case. b) Satchel of organic dream fresh herb(s) mixture that you will place inside of your pillow case. c) A pack of (10) Ten individual Dream Organic incense to light prior to going to bed.  (2) dream Crystals and/or Tumble Stones to be placed underneath of your pillow. For the price $40.00 plus shipping and handling. Sweet Dreams

Home Spiritual Cleansing Kit

I have created an environmental cleansing package to help you clear of any negative vibrations from your place of work, home or any place you spend a great deal of time in. This package will expel any unpleasant feelings that you might have in that environment. The environmental cleansing package consists of the following items:

   1. Natural crystals (4)                                      5.  Smudge shell  (1)                    

   2. Organic natural oils size (3ml)                6.   Feather  (1)

   3.  White candle (1)                                           7.   Spray bottle  (1)

   4.  Smudge incense (1)   

   All for the price of thirty ($40.00) dollars plus shipping & handling instruction will be included in the package.

Saint Joesph House Selling Kit

I have created this product for all home and business owners who would like to sell their property quickly. The kit consists of the following items: 1) Statue of Saint Joseph 2) Crystal or Tumble stone 3) 3ml bottle of all organic essential oil mixture 4) One smudge sage 5) One large sea shell 6) One feather So get started be pro-active and purchase my St. Joseph Selling Kit with specific easy step by step instructions to follow.  All for the price of $40.00 dollars.



Individual Stones & Crystals

I have put togerther a variety of natural crystals, tumble stones, words stones and birth stones that you can purchase separately

Win in Court Kit


I have created this special Court Package to assist you with any legal issues that you may be having.  This package is designed to bring about the best out come to your legal problems. The court package consists of two sections large and small with different pricing for the two.

  1. The large court package will consist of the following items listed below: Three specialties candles, one (1) hour spiritual tarot card reading, (2) two spiritual cleansing bath, two (2) specialty root ( one to chew, one to carry with you.  One bottle of court oil mixture (15 ml), one package of ten (10) court incense and two crystal or tumble stones all for $325.00.

2. The second court package (small) includes the following items: Two (2) specialty candles, a thirty (30) minute spiritual tarot card reading, two spiritual bath, one court root and one packet five (5) court incense.  One (1) court oil mixture ten (ml), and two court crystal or tumble stone all for the price $155.00.  Instructions will be included for the best result.




Burning incense is a way of clearing out negative and unhealthy vibrations that create a blockage in the things you're trying to achieve. Once the blockage is removed then you can burn additional incense(s) to bring the positive things you want to attract into your life and environment. I have put together a variety mixture of (12) twelve incenses that will help you achieve the positive vibration into your life and environment.


Prosperity Package

Prosperity Package

I have created a prosperity package for the coming New Year which will bring and attract money, prosperity, success and happiness in all of your endeavors you apply yourself to. This package will consist of a scented Bayberry candle, small prosperity spiritual cleansing bath crystals or tumble stone and a word stone which you will use as an affirmation, (3ml) essential oil size. For just $45.00 - plus shipping and handling.

Gift Package

Here is a wonderful gift package that I have put together that's affordable for everyone.  The special includes (15) fifteen minute reading, package of 10 variety of incenses, one crystal stone or tumble stone.  At a price of $40.00 dollars plus shipping and handling.

Homemade Pyramids

Pyramids are a source of indefinite energy coming from the center of the universe this the reason they were created and placed around the world.  They're part of Global grid energy that comes from the cosmos.  What I'm offering are portable three types of hanging pyramids - so you can move them where you want them to be.

They can be hung above your head suspended from the ceiling as you sleep in your bed. To me this enhances a portal to the opening of your dream world and to remembering your dreams and a source of healing energy to any part of your body.  The pyramid can also to be use in yoga, meditation while you exercise and if you have a plant that is not growing you can place it over it also.

  The source of energy coming from the universe will connect and attract this awesome blessing to you. There (2) Pyramids that are currently available: Gold in color Pyramid with crystals that are related to the different parts of the pyramid a pint out  will come with each one that you select.

Love Package

 I have created A  Love Attraction package that would make a perfect gift for someone you care for or for yourself.  This special package consists of the following: A special Love Candle which will bring you that special someone to love. A tumble stone, word stone, essential oil (3ml), and love attraction spiritual bath all for just $45.00 plus shipping.

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