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The sun goes into the astrological sign of Capricorn from December 21st through January 21st, depending on the year of birth.  Capricorn is an earth sign in the tenth house and it’s ruling plant is Saturn, which governs, act as a father figure, provides time, and affects government and corporations and furnishes a firm foundation.  

With the planet Saturn traveling through Capricorn, along with Pluto, the old foundation, which your life was building on is being replaced with a newer layer of cement and with a stronger and super fortified hold. This will affect the new you along with the many goals you will achieve very soon.  Right now, you're moving pass the 3/4 part of the journey. This will allow things to improve if you have build on a positive foundation.  With the planet of Jupiter traveling into Scorpio, which is a water sign from December 2017-2018, all water and earth signs are present with many opportunites to expand in their life as well as the one that has the longevity to grow.    Happy Birthday Capricorn!


The Half Way Point


You have survived the half way point. This is the point of no return! You have washed away all the debris in your environment to created a new space to come into be in the middle point

You have learned the lessons and will engage in them in your every day life. You will turn them into a light to shine bright upon you. 

You will move to the point of shifting towards your goals by eliminating toxins, which are people, places and things. Fear should and will never come near you. 


You will see positive changes after the transformation into the new you, by addressing issues that were hidden below the surface. You have face your fears and start to believe in yourself as well as the high source that's guiding you. You will have no doubts about who you are and where you are going or what you do, if you have been positive; it all will come into full view.


The spirits will come into your dreams and show you the future, and if you have abide this by gliding on the wind, you will have a solid win.  You have faced the demons and slay them. You will wash them away and the light of positiveness will engulf with you.  Now, you can go and walk in the snow.

Your fate has brought you to the half way point, so keep trucking and walking until it’s almost over and the gifts will come into full view. 


There are lessons to learn and karma to pay, but you need to give into it in a positive way and the rewards will come  and light up your day. All of the good karma stored in the warehouse of the universe will be there when you need it the most. 

Shake your hair and head. You did it by believing in something greater which in return believed in you. You're on the road of completion. Stay focus and keep your eyes on the goal. Happy birthday my dear Capricorn!  If you’re positive you will surely grow! There is still time for those who're negative and struggling and flowing with current. 

Let the water take you down the stream to cleanse you, to protect you and bring prosperity into your being!

The Sun goes into the astrological sign of Sagittarius from November 21 through December 21 depending on the year.  Sagittarius is a fire sign along with the signs of Aires and Leo, but Sagittarius is also a dual sign like Gemini, Virgo, Pisces which brings in the word of duality in the picture.  Yes, the Sagittarius is also named the centurion which means half man and horse that carries a bow and arrow.

The planet of Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius which is the largest planet in our solar system.   Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth universal truth everything is done on a larger scale.  The ninth house rule religion, dreams, philosophy and international cultures, higher learning, speculation, etc.   Well, the planet of Jupiter has come home to its base and this is going to be a banner birthday year for you Sagittarius many new opportunities will open for you only if you have broken off the shackles to be free and grow, new doors will open for you.

   Jupiter will be transiting in Sagittarius from November 8, 2018, to December 2, 2019, so the world is your oyster make the best of it.   This transit will also help and bring new opportunities to all air signs like Gemini, Libra, Aquarius and anyone who has signs in fire signs house, air signs in their natal chart.    Happy Birthday Sagittarius🌈🍰 


New Horizons 


New horizons coming up on this sunny day as the light shines on the morning drew and butterflies are flickering around so I can catch a view 

New horizons are coming to be from all directions up, down, all around and straight through and I have so many choices I don't want to have a doubt 

New horizons are appearing with wonderful opportunities coming in to be I must pick the ones that has longevity that can last the run  

New horizons are happening-so I will investigate, research, explore so don't become bored and become the leader of horde 

New horizons are showing up in every way as I walk through one door it opens others to another positive way 

New horizons are coming into be my eyes are opening, my ears are listening, mind is churning, and my voice is speaking 


New horizons I'm asking for what I want, and the universe is giving me so much I want to jump up and do the bump 

New horizons are blossoming the seed that is being planted and each year it grows and becomes bright and beautiful 

Because the planet of Jupiter only comes around every twelve years, so I won't get another blast to continue this glow 


New horizons I'm expelling all the fear, pain, anger and healing myself and asking forgiveness of any injustice send to the vein 

New horizons the snow is intoxicating me it brings me into a period calmness I'm in a state of ecstasy as it flows pass me like a bee  

New horizons are now and I'm taking the keys, clues, openings and turning it into something great and it won't brake 

So happy birthday Sagittarius the planet of Jupiter is home in your house of new opportunities, expansion, blessings and good karma 

Is coming now to lift your up and now you can stand, move, create and bring into being all you want to be 

The Sun Goes Into Sign Of Scorpio 2018

The sun goes into the astrological sign of Scorpio from October 21 through November 21, depending on the year of birth.  Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign and the rulers of the eighth house its duel planets, which are Mars and Pluto. It's the house of intimacy, other people resources, death and resurrection, transformation and secrets.   It's also the house of strength and success. You’ll  find many surgeons and generals within this sign, because of the co-ruler of the planet Mars.  

Pluto is the planet of transformation. It identifies things that have not been seen in the underground. It guides you to which light needs to be place on these issues, so they can rise to the surface.   Since one of your co-rulers Pluto is moving through the sign of Capricorn from 2008-2023, it represents government, corporation, father figures and institutions of all kinds will be affected by this transit.   The planet of Saturn will also be affected., it is the ruling planet of Capricorn since 2017-2020.  Therefore, these movements will affect all earth signs and its oppose sign which is the water sign.  It's a time of growth and letting go of the past and move on to something better. Any past karma, whether positive or negative, will be revisited. A payment will be following the way it was send out. Finally, I hope you took advantage of the good blessings that came your way from the largest planet of our solar system, which is the planet Jupiter. This planet brought new opportunities that expand for the next twelve years, when it will come back around in your sign.  All of the corruption, sexism and power of the angry man will be exposed to the world and a new foundation will be build. 


With Jupiter in your astrological sign blazing through like a crown, it will shake up the opportunities, so they can come around to you. Jupiter in your sign will pull back the veil as well as investigate, research, release and heal,and turn it into a great search. Opportunities come from all around; up and down, in and out and from the ground.

Opportunities come in many forms, shapes, textures and many colors.  I hope it wont bring any rejections. Opportunities come in many ways, I hope we look at the ones which have the longevity, so the seed can grow like a plant. Opportunities come in many forms; lets pick the one which rise from the ashes like the sphinx that brings transformation

Jupiter wont sashay down the run way until twelve years, so take these new opportunities and bounce them into the spheres. This is 

so the opportunities you choose are fruitful and able to grow like a hue. Opportunities are there for you to see, hear, speak and touch the doors. They are opening, so you can fly in like a butterfly.

Opportunities are going to be there for you, it only needs, your personal touch to grow and glow like an angel dust. Opportunities will be there for you to shine and glow like the sun, rising and setting in the snow. It will lift you up and put the work in it and these opportunities will arrive like a New York minute!

Lets thank the divine sacred masculine and divine sacred feminine for these openings. Not just on the sideline see them fly away, no, let these opportunities expand, explode creativity and imagination, so you can reach to the stars and come back in a twirl and rajah down to the Earth. So happy birthday Scorpio with Jupiter transiting your astrological sign.  I hope you took advantage of all the information, opportunities that came your way!

The sun goes into the astrological sign of Libra from the September 21 through October 21 depending on the year of birth.  Libra is an air sign along with Gemini and Aquarius these signs are associated with the mind way of thinking and intellectualizing their world around them.   Libra is the seventh house of the astrological wheel the ruling planet is Venus the goddess of love, its the house of balance, open enemies, the house of others and spiritual blessings, diplomat, diplomacy and legal issues.  If the balancer has learned the lessons from the past 3 years when the planet of Saturn was moving through the fire sign of Sagittarius which was directly or indirectly affecting all air signs from November of 2015 - December 2017 the world of your dreams and goals are starting to become reality now.   Lessons Learn and there are rewards coming to you.   Happy Birthday health, wealth, happiness and success, love for yourself and ever one comes into your circle. 







We need to balance so we don't turn around and become silent 

We have to listen, weigh the facts so none of them will be swept away 

There is something greater than mankind so that force is guiding us along the way 



Balance comes when we have created that equal footing for assistance that bring no resistance 

Bring into play the art of diplomacy become a diplomat and negotiate the issues like a rebate 

Who has the right to have the kingdom of the valley without a doubt 



Balance should be part of everything we do life is a banquet of moderation, so we don't become Glue to anything that will try to overcome and damage or sway you into a state of blue 

Listen and recognize that nature is powerful than we are and respect her the creatures that are part of her domain and we are the same 


We need to balance things in a fair way there are three sides of the story your side, my side and the truth is in there some where 

Reality is real not made up, dress up, wig up and perfume up it is gone pop up in your face like spinning wheel 

We know our connection with the creator this is where the art of the balance comes into being with the yin and yang and sewing it with a bang 



Happy Birthday to all Libra's

The Sun goes into the astrological sign of Virgo from August 23 through September 21 depending on the year.  Virgo is a mutable sign which gives it a duality and people whose  

Sun is in Virgo or moon has problems with their sinuses and digestible issues in their health.  Virgo rules the sixth house of health, work and services to others. The ruling planet is Mercury the messenger of the Gods.  With the planets Saturn and Pluto moving through the astrological sign of Capricorn for a very long haul it will bring many changes for you at this time. You will need to let ago of worn out ideas, behaviors and outlook on life and choose what path is truly for you.  So don't fight it flow with the current and cleanse, purity yourself for the new beginning that will bring forth goals and dreams coming true -in reality if you can think it, speak it, see it, and it will happen. 







Services that will help people to stay on their chosen route 

Services to bring all the information so you can stay on the facts 

Services to things that need to organize time, money, health and turn into stealth 

Detail is another form of services to look at the small things so they won't blow out like a punch 



Services to listen to your temple and take time to tune it up, nourish, relax and external and internal 

Figures are also part of services how to use them in a plan where you can grow like sand 

Services to yourself, humanity and in every form a listening ear, a calm voice and something to comfort you when you're distort 

Services also means being a better person for yourself to my family and extended family and friends so we can be like carpet  


Services means not be critical of yourself and laugh at yours mistakes and use humor to open the gates of joy, happiness and pleasantries 

Services means as I touch nature and see its glorious creations as things fly around me part of the chain and one of the links are missing as it falls away in pain 

Services means to be positive in every way and form to face the challenges and remove the obstacles that has been blocking my way to become you 

Services means to bring out love in everything you do to see the sparkle in your eyes, the smile on your face like a butterfly flickering by 


So Happy Birthday Virgo's these aspects of your astrological sign are health, services and work so let’s combine all of them to make one and bring it into a vote 

The Sun goes into the astrological sign of Leo on July 21 - August 21 depending on the year of birth.  Leo's is the fifth house of the astrological wheel and it's one of the three fire signs, the other two fire signs are Sagittarius and Aires.  Fire signs go out and create action in their lives by starting things off that brings energy to whatever they're doing.   Well things are starting to turn around for Leo's if they have learned from the challenges which were presented to them.  When Saturn the planet of authority, father figures, status quo and government and corporation was transiting through the fire signs of Sagittarius from 2015 through the end 2017.   If you flowed with the punches and faced your fears, new things are beginning to turn in your favorite and you have released yourself from that invisible prison you placed yourself in.  All your dreams are now coming into reality- keep growing and believe in yourself even when no one else believe in you it's your life and dreams. 



If Love Wants Me 


If love wants me than bring down to buzz like a bee 

If love wants me let me flicker my wings like a butterfly 

If love wants me let me feel my emotions spiritual  

Physical and in between like fish swimming back and forth 

To make it become something that is going to in the wind 


If love wants me let it twirl, sashay me into the heart 

If love wants me let me feel the movements of my body 

So you will see and know what's in the skill 

If love wants me pick me up and bring down and  

examine everything on me while I twirl around 


If love wants me map me out and explore make your claim to the door 

If love wants me get in touch with my mind go into the circuit and the cell what else is in there to mine 

Find the gold, silver, platinum and the ruby, sapphire, emerald, and the other precious stones 

If love wants me encourage my gifts, dreams as I would do the same for you in between 

If love wants me lets work as one so we can become the Sun as it should be 


If love wants me let me bear fruit to bring our love further to other generations so it continues like a fervor 

If love wants me bow down to all resistance bring down the barriers tear down the walls I'm vulnerable all for a cause 


If love wants me guide me in my decisions for both of else to become one and bring out the positivity  

If love wants me then love will have me that I love myself extending out the other half of myself the one whom will finish my sentence know what I'm thinking about and act on it in  

a way that love does want me 

Happy birthday to all of the Leo's for 2018 



The sun goes into the astrological sign of cancer from June 21 through July 21 depending on the year.  Cancer is a water sign and they go by their feelings about things first the other water signs are Scorpio ruled by the eighth house and Pisces ruled by the twelve house.   Fourth house is Cancer and it is ruled by the moon, family, women and home, security also the physical parts of the body breast and stomach areas.

 With Pluto and Saturn now moving through the sign of Capricorn together women, family and home issues coming to the surface and with Jupiter in the water sign of Scorpio of sex and the combination of powerful men in power are  being  exposed.    Women power is on the rise and all injustice brought to a head with the planets of Saturn and Pluto tearing down the system of corruption and greed and rebuilding on a better foundation for mankind. So look for great change happening in your life for the better and don't fight it- flow with rhythm and everything will be right and grow. 








When I think of home a place overflowing like spring on warm day with love and happiness 

Growing tall from the seed planted in mother earth secure in everything blossoming from it 

When things go wrong I'll take care of it with loving healthy devotion to ease any discomforted 


Then become beacon all of the positive things teach, show and become that light sunshine 

The family cultivate my gifts that the divine sacred masculine and feminine attune in me 

No one is perfect in this imperfect world we all have crosses to bare and growing in the process 


And remembering my ancestors who shoulders I'm standing on and their sacrifice was not in vain who I'm in this hour 

When I think of home of all the secrets that was swept under the rug the quite gossip of certain family members 

When I think of home losing those I love and care about moving from  the flesh will return back to dust and the spirit return back to God 



Great laughter when we came together at many family occasions with the spirit of positivity  as the divine to let this last forever 

Goring to church to hear what I thought it was the truth until reality start setting a peep of the real world behind the scenes 

Taking their belief system and moving in this vehicle which I thought I was safe until I experience the other side of the coin 



When I think of home I started to explore the outer surrounds around me see the wonderful things that was growing there which was inside of me 

I think of my father and I taking journey out into his environment and learning from him lessons that help move through life 

The barbecue we would have all the family and friends would come and enjoy themselves with dance, play all kinds of games 



When I think of home of all the strength I love from my mother, father and other family members that set me apart from everyone 

How they were proud of me because I listen to their stories and the lessons in their circumstances about their experience in life 

The morals and principle of forgivingness and faith in the divine and karma 



They taught me to respect myself and be my authentic self because thats who I came to be 

Respect others and take my responsibilities seriously once I give my word it's a bond like a man 

My brothers and sisters to support them with not only with financially, moral support, encouragement and prayer 



All what they taught me I still have it like something that is glue to me and now I'm teaching other people these things now 

To have faith, strength and believe in yourself but really the essence comes from the divine scared masculine and feminine 

When I think of home that's an extension of them which is an extension of my mother, father and family which is in me 



All the people who were extended family neighbors, acquaintance who encourage me and taught me so I think of them as family too 

So happy birthday to all of the cancers out there and think of home, mother, father and family 

The Sun goes into a dual sign of Gemini from May 21 - June 21 depending on the year of birth.  The sign of Gemini being a dual or twin air sign and the other dual signs are earth (Virgo), Fire (Sagittarius) Gemini of which are ruled by the planet of mercury, it’s air and it's here, there and everywhere you can't bottle it or hem it in.  And the sign of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are all air signs they used their mind first emotions come later, some people feel that they are cold and don’t have any emotions -  they're wrong. 

Well, after a time of learning more about yourself and facing your fears, worrying, doubts about your future with the planet of Saturn moving through your opposite sign of Sagittarius as this affected all fire signs & air signs.  If you rolled with the punches you came out of this transiting into a new person to be your authentic self.    


If you had a problem in resisting the change there will be more issues surrounding the negativity of people, places and things which you should have released in your life.  You need to look up where Saturn was moving through your solar chart in what house from December 23, 2014, - December 19, 2017, In any case Happy   Birthday to all Geminis. 




Lesson Learn 


Lesson learn I listen and obey and it was showing along the way 

Lesson learn I investigate, explore, research and release and made movement 

Lesson learn I went into depth inside of me like swimming in the deep of the ocean 

To see how far it went down and I find so many treasures that was there unnoticed 

Lesson learn these treasures are part of me laying there dormant waiting to be seen 

I recover these treasures and examine them, clean them up and I saw wonderful positivity 

that came from them all 



Lesson learn the seeds was planted I face my fears once I looked into its eyes and the invisible prison that I placed on  myself was gone 

I remove the chains and shackles from me and I was free I change my thought pattern from negative to positive and my environment 

Lesson learn I know I am an extension of the divine masculine and divine feminine which place a crown on my head 

I'm not in control they are and once I surrender that control they will push me on the path of my true destiny and receive the blessings 

I'm being my authentic self -  that's the lesson learn I don't care what you think, say, care about that's negative this is me accept or don't 

You can't replace, duplicate, imitate and take some which you need but you won't ever have them all take what you need and create something from that 

And take those that work for you and you can become a star in your own show of life 



The star of your own true play it can't go on without you summons the hairstylist, makeup artist, dressers and when you open that door the director says action 

Staring whoever you are what name you will be using thank lesson learn and be who you're and let the divine flow through you 

Be example of the goodness, forgive, help and reach out, listen and create this is what it's all about this why we are here to help everyone who’s in doubt 

We all have a link on this chain in this life to bring us all together in one single thought the world will be lifted from a thought to an action of peace harmony in everything we do 

Happy Birthday Gemini's and if you have learned the lesson when the planet of Saturn was moving through Sagittarius the opposite of your Sun sign and left in December of 2017 

And the blessing and opportunities will be pouring in and if you resisted the chance to change and grow then there is more lessons for you to learn to be who you are. 

The Sun goes into the astrological sign of Taurus from April 21 through May 21 depending on the year.  The sign of Taurus is one of the three earth signs along with Virgo and Capricorn it rules the second house of the astrological wheel which is the house of money, work and possessions. Its ruling planet is Venus which also rules the air sign of Libra. Well, with the planets of Saturn and Pluto now moving through the earth sign of Capricorn there will be many changes around corruption in the areas of government, institutions and of all kinds of corporations. These two planets in the sign of Capricorn will not take this anymore so look for these areas to be torn down to rebuild them on better footing.  On May 15, 2018, the planet of change, revolution, and freedom I'm talking about the planet of Uranus will be moving into the sign of Taurus for the next eight years and this will affect areas of money, work and possessions.  Remember to accept these changes for if you resist you will invite unwanted problems as mentioned above.  



The Anchor 



Taurus you're the seed that anchors in the sea of the earth 

The quickness of the bird that flies by as I'm being told 

Anchor like a ship at sea when it comes into port to buzz and sashay like a bee 

The anchor is like love in your heart that is flowing like a cool breeze so softly I can't see 

Like the flower that blossoms and rises up into beautiful bouquet of green multi colors  



Taurus, you become the butterfly changes from the three stages of growth to become free and flicker 

You're the wood that holds this building together which comes from the seed that was planted 

The weather is now warm and wonderful and the beauty is abound all around I can't stop because I'm taking a hike 

The colors are bright and busy everything is trying to make me dizzy the smell is sending my senses through the roof 

The focus is there I'm ready for the impact to react to without a care 



At times we need to listen outside of our blinders and earplugs to new ideas that  glistens in the golden light of positivity 

See the other side not just your side to change it into the right side  

So Taurus you're the root Chaka the anchor that keep things still a brake on a car, plane or a spaceship that's going afar 

Taurus we need you to stay in a positive light don't flip the coin and turn it into a fight  

Stay in the light, live in light and grow in the light and dream in the light, create in the light  

Because you're that anchor that keeps everything still in place like gravity that keeps all of us still 

The Beginning 



This is the beginning of the seeds that you planted in the Fall it's sprouting up with growth and not to fall 

This is the beginning of your hopes, wishes, dreams that you image coming into being to be seen like light beam 

Now that it's rising and shoots up from the ground the time is right for you to attend to it so it can come around 

Keep the weeds, bugs that may damage the leaves away so it can still sprout like hey  

This is the beginning of which you have planted to come up to start something that has been granted 

The rain from the clouds pours down on it to make it grow and blossom into bouquet of colors and opportunities 

Now you can see the beginning of all your hard work and the changes that came about to make it into arrangement to stout 

This is the beginning of the new you shedding of the old skin to become something new  

This is the beginning of all the planning patience bring them into reality and smiling like a beam 

This is the beginning of all the saying doubts that you can't make it because you didn't have the clout 

This is the beginning of all the love and happiness of your dreams coming true so you can see it, feel it, touch it like brush on a canvas 

Now this is the time that people will stop and look, listen and smile at your creation and your drive to bring it into a sense of animation 


Now you can believe in yourself in that extension of you which is the divine masculine and feminine that anything is possible  

Believe in yourself stay positive and focus not to look back or on your right or left but look forward 

This is the beginning now Spring has arrived you are growing from what you placed in the ground and it's rising like a tide 

So lets take this new beginning and running out of the gate put the blinders on each side so you don't get caught up in the place 

Take your time do your work and research, investigate, explore and prosperity as it comes into the focus of the divine 

I no longer talk about it, think, image it now it real I see and I'm working at it and it's working for me and bring what I need to be 


Happy Birthday Aires's keep doing the positive work and move the planet mother earth and everything in it to stay focus for the greater good 

Now that we are going into the springtime season and old man winter is on its way out this can be a start of new beginnings. From the seeds that were planted in the fall that have since matured and brought forth new life.   The signs of Aires, Taurus and Gemini will bring forth great abundance energy and drive and some of it can become taxing and/or burdensome to certain areas of each of the three signs which has been mentioned above.   

My special ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL mixtures will help you in this matter. 


The sign of Aries which rules the physical part of the body are the head, face and muscles and over exerting these areas can bring an imbalance.  You will need to embrace solitude to relieve stress and reduce the levels of cortisol, the hormone that causes you to become more aggressive or passive in your approach during this period. 


The sign of Taurus is the second sign of the astrological wheel of the spring season  

and the physical parts of the body that it rules is the fifth Chaka -the throat and esophagus 

which rules our voice for speaking our truth and the part of swallowing our nourishment and 

drink to sustain our self.  These areas can become over burden with stress and fatigue when 

over worked. 


The third and final sign of the astrological wheel of the spring season is Gemini which rules the physical part of the body are the upper shoulders, hands, arms and lungs, nervous system, brain and hand eye coordination.   These areas can become over stressed while using them to much or exposing them to unhealthy environments.  


By taking time to relax the above mention areas that could be problematic at this time I have created “ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL”  mixtures to help recover these areas to run smoothly during this spring time season. 


You can order these Organic Essential Oil mixtures from my website  www.readingsbyleonard.net  


 Enjoy the spring season 

The Sun goes into the astrological sign of Pisces from February 21- March 21. Pisces is a water sign along with its fellow signs of Cancer, Scorpio and they are ruled by their emotions so they re-act to things emotional first then they think after. The key to all water signs is they must learn how to use their mind, thoughts, intelligence and used their emotions second. The reason for this is because using your feelings first we say and do things out of anger and this can cause a great deal of confusion and we cannot think right or make the right decisions. Pisces ruling planet is Neptune which is the planet of psychic abilities, shadows, illusions and fantasies which in return causes bigger problems than they really are. The planet of Saturn has moved into Capricorn from December 19, 2017 through December 19, 2020, it will be traveling through your solar eleventh house of friends, hope, wish and groups, organization and humanity efforts and these issues will greatly affect areas of your life where positive growth and change will come.

The Eyes

The eyes are the window of the soul I peep through it like a glass bowl

I look into the spirit deep into the soul I see the pass lives and present become unfold

I see the vigor, force of being the energy of creation that will turn everything into a boss

A look from the eyes will tell me how you feel what you want to or what you don't want to do

It's whirling around in my head from the look from those eyes which turn me into a book

The eyes see the cover but it also has to read preface and the table of context to find the right chapters

Eyes see through all outer shields you place in front of it and hides from you can scan what it needs to know

Down into the spirit and if they're right you will see it and if they're wrong you will see that also

The spirit is the person just like the roots of a tree if it’s bad the branch will bring forth bad fruit

The demonic forces will try to chase and jump into you so run from these beings before they glue on to you

Pick up the vibrations from the eyes if it is positive turn it into sigh if it is negative run far as you can because it will try to trap you in a den

The eyes can light up when it see’s something exciting and tears up when it see’s something that is sad

It tears up sometimes when you feel happy about something that makes you feel good

Eyes bring the water to cleanse from within which has been bottled up to a brim

The eyes are the essence of the soul they come in different colors, shape and size like a blink

The ones who have small eyes they're sneaky and you have to watch them before a battle

Eyes which are big they want to see everything but they sometime they miss what is important

Eyes which are far apart seem to be always in a state of confusion turning like a rolling stone

The eyes with eyelashes blink and then they turn into a blink because they didn't get a hint

So when you're speaking to someone don't look down at the floor, up in the air look them straight into their eyes

That means you're in control those who look away from the eyes means that they're afraid and untrustworthy

And they will be exposed so the eyes are the window of your soul and they're your soul my dear Pisces as I wish you this Happy Birthday and wish you good health, wealth, success and happiness, self- love for yourself and Family and for your fellow human beings.

The Sun goes into the sign of Aquarius from January 21 - February 21. This is the sign of air. Some Aquarius used their mind first to think things through and the remaining air signs are Gemini and Libra.   Aquarius is the eleven house of the astrological, which is the ruling planet of Uranus. It govern freedom, independence, upheaval and change revolution for all of mankind.   The planet of Uranus has been moving in the sign of Aires and this brought about taking charge of your life for a better change to grow and become a better you.

  Stop having fear, doubt, apprehension to keep you from being your true authentic self. Speak your truth in a diplomatic way and stop trying to please others for the fear of rejection.  The planet of Uranus will be ending and it will stay in Aires and moving into the sign of Taurus on May 15, 2018.  This brings many changes for the better in the area of money, work and processions. Another transitioning planet that is moving in your solar twelfth house of endings, secret enemies, institutions and intuitiveness, psychic abilities is the task master the planet of Saturn.        





The Branches 


Once their was branches full with flowers and fruit bees came to holla. 


It was a feast that cover the canopy and birds flew around it because they liked the sound. 


Like anything that's plenty full, it's depleted with the blink of the eye. 


The branches are stripped of its riches and lie in a sleep of suspension. 


Reviewing its weakness, strength, beauty and freshness to the branch. 


Working on its faults to bring balance to which was in a halt. 


Now things, which was rearrange to be strong and better to grow in a bark, now speak, act, give and receive what is the best of being in a sleeve. 


Now my branches are showing the signs of growth to make me shine in a pine. 


They roll with the punches to shed the old skin for new growth in boat. 


I lift my anchor from the port, which I out grew and drifting free from it. 


Now I see the new fresh green leaf blossoming into the new foundation. 


There was many losses, which needed to happen to bring about change. 


No more stagnation to  hinder me moving ahead to bring my dreams from my head. 


Create the finish product to bring them into reality and use them for spirituality of man kind. 


I'm free and everything I touch, see, speak and envision will bring into being. 


The branches are full with ripe substance to be shared and not held back. 


So,come and taste some of these new freedom of my growth of the new me.  























The Sun goes into the astrological earth sign of Capricorn from December 21 through 21 January depending on the year.  The ruling planet is Saturn which is the ruler of the tenth house which represents employment, moving up the ladder, corporations, government, institutions and power.   Beginning on December 19, 2017, the planet Saturn will leave Sagittarius and enters into the sign of Capricorn for two and half years. This will bring strict major changes in your life regarding all the areas of the tenth house.

 This will not be negative in any form it will bring a greater refreshment into your life flow of change-to bring movement to grow  and you will be fine. Remember problems that may arise as mentioned above- if there's any resistance to the flow of change.   I believe in you Capricorn- that you will sashay through this time period with ease and remember that we love you and become the best that you are grow and face all of the challenges that come your way stay strong. You have it in you to become a winner and believe in yourself when no one else does. 








My body is shedding all of my skin from me shifting into another dimension of growth 

It’s time for major changes to redirect to my purpose in this new being coming to birth 

The need to become unstuck from something, someone, place that you no longer want that space 


Now I'm ready to move from this place with the wind and sea of changes to blow me adrift to find my width 

I'm discovering my gifts that I receive from the divine to help me to find the right rhyme to make music in time 


So there will be no resistance from me I'm ready for this new beginning like sunshine coming in like positive rays 

I will do it right the first time and not waste my time for a crime 


You are a survivor to great strength within side of you call upon it when challenges appear and don't become scare like a deer 

Believe in yourself, dreams and goals you will reach them by applying the skills that will turn them into gold 


You're on the journey to become better in everything you apply yourself stay positive and don't become negative 

When this transit ends a new individual will have emerge with a more clear insight of their life 


So start cleaning up your house and clear away all the emotional, physical, environmental and other obstacles which has cluttered your life 

Let the universe show you the way and bring the best, bright, dazzling new opportunities for growth in your life 


So just release of the of unwanted things that no longer have that glow of fun and don't turn in hum 

Create new music to dance, skip, bounce and jump all around with celebration of newness of being in the new light 


It will be like going back to school and you have a class you need to become unstuck brake from the old mold become born again 

And the divine will bring you into a higher dimension of yourself to become what he/she destined you to be 

Happy Birthday to all of the Sagittarians  this year as the Sun moves through the sign of Sagittarius which is the ninth house of the astrological wheel from November 21 -  December 21 depending on the year of birth.  Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system which rules this Sun sign.  The ninth house represents expansion, higher truth, higher learning, foreign culture, dreams, mysticism, speculation, and philosophy, etc.

  Sagittarius is a fire sign like its fellow signs of Leo and Aires.  Well, the planet of Saturn has moving through your Sun since 2015 will be part ways on December 19th 2017 and if you have learned from Saturn placement your life will become better.  If you fail to listen to what Saturn was trying to teach you, things will be much harder for you.  Saturn was trying to tell you to face your fears and come out of this self -imposed prison you have placed yourself in and to believe in yourself and grow to become a better person. Because of all of your patience and hard work effort you did right the first time you will reap the rewards. This is repayment of karma whether it was good or bad. 





I'm being released from the turning, churning, turmoil and the expulsion, explosion that has been roaming in side of me internally and externally 

I had to face my own responsibility in things I did whether it was wrong or right I had to deal with karma which was sent out 

I had to accept what I threw out, blew out, squeeze out and shout out, broken up that which was wrong I had to repay that back to the universe and accept my fate 

For these negative feelings and things for what I have done to myself and other people knowingly and unintentionally 

Once that was cleared out I understood what the taskmaster was trying to show by doing it right the first time and remember my structure my foundation that created me to be in this hesitation 

Remember what you sow you will reap before you go so it taught me to sow the positive and not the negative in any shape or form 


It gave me a view to face my fears and not run from myself I was using things to sensitize my feelings and I had to stop before it got out of hand  

I learned to release that to be who I am  who I can to be and become my authentic self I was trying to put on airs, faces and masks because you didn't accept me 

The taskmaster taught me that acceptance comes from the sacred divine and feminine and it taught me to love myself and put them before everything in my life  

And everyone else has a number after me and it can range from 2 to trillion now I can brake down the invisible wall that my fear put up a self -imposed prison 

It gave freedom to be who I am and to pursue who I came here to be I don't care what you think about me I can care less I think highly of myself because my creator thinks the same way 

Now that I have pay my negative karma back to those whom I have injured or cause any injustice in any form or way I also ask forgiveness and now that Saturn is rolling out of solar seventh hours of relationships 


Very few have survived this transit and it was time to let go and move and become unstuck and I'm saying good bye like a bee, like a butterfly flickering my wings because I'm free I have learn my lessons 

From the challenges that were place in my path and remove them and now I have graduated and will receive the benefits of learning and being positive and treating people, places and things the right way 

Because I will be judged how I treat you regardless how your treat me I will forgive you, bless you, wish you the best and I will leave you alone and if you let the creator show you what he/she want you to be 

So I'm not taking the low ground I will be taking the higher ground I will not fight placing negative thoughts, words or actions towards you because see I'm not going to block my blessings that will come back to me in review 

And when they're in review I'm going to be shining like the Sun, stars, planets arrange in halo of positiveness all around me internally and externally 

The sun enters Scorpio from October 21 through November 21 this is the eight house of behind the scene activities such as secrets, death & resurrection, other people’s resources, intimacy and endings.   The ruling planets of Scorpio are Pluto and Mars. The only other sign that has the same two planets is Aires.   Pluto represents things that have been hidden below the surface that needs to be brought to the light. Mars is the raw energy that is present to go get things moving in a positive or negative way.

   Well, this is a wonderful year for Scorpio to grow and expand with the planet Jupiter entering your sign from October 10, 2017, through November 8, 2018.   A time to grow and take advantage of the many opportunities that are coming your way from knowledge, understanding, optimism, generosity and abundance.   This placement will also affect other fellow water signs such as Pisces and Cancers  to  find the right opportunities that will have  longevity for growth and to assist you to reach your goals and remember that the next Jupiter will not be  back  in the sign of Scorpio with this amazing journey until the year of 2029. 






Let's expand Jupiter is in the grand stand now cheering you on to grow, move, to be an individual and to see dreams and goal come into fruition 

Now is time to shake, bake and undertake anything you need to do making plans for the future with so many opportunities coming in pick the one that has the longevity to bring you in 

Strike up the band to lead the parade march down the street pleasing the crowd as you keep the beat 

The light is shining which is the reflection of our self when we look in the mirror and see the greatness that's reflecting back to us 

Yes gleaming as the stars are shining far way and the light is coming into play 

Shop, pop, bop and mop down the aisle so everyone can see we're full of style 



Lets crack the whip and turn it into hip, down into a dip, around into a skip 

Be who we're expanding our self and let the aura becoming wider as it can to protect us from any unwelcomed   pen 

Place our shoes on and dance with celebration by tapping and bebop down the map 

The world wants to see if we have the talents to expand to be who we're  

So many opportunities coming into view I'm feeling, touch, looking and hearing and I have to decide which one I will be brushing 

Remember it takes twelve years for the Jupiter to come around to see a smile on my face and not a frown 


So now is the time to expand our self and grow with hope, faith and be who we are in the snow 

Lets leave foot prints in the snow so they see the past and now the future where we're our dreams, hopes and desires in this expansion to the stars 

Jupiter shine on me like a meteor shower flashing through the sky placing my wishes, dreams and hope upon it from afar 

With all the colors of the rainbow and maybe colors that are not known that I can be a creator from the stone 

So let’s have what Jupiter is trying to show us coming into being and when I close my eyes I see my dreams come into the physical form to be  

Now it's flashing, dashing, hashing all around me I can see it no longer dream I can touch it and helping others who come into view 


Thank you Jupiter I will take advantage of this twelve years cycle so when you come around again in twelve I will be ready for another expansion so what the hell 

Hello Everyone 


The change of the season is upon us and we are now enjoying those last days of summer and coming into the Fall Equinox.  It’s a time of new beginnings- a time to slow down in many ways in order to balance everything out in our lives.  It's a time to gather in the bounty from the harvest and plant new seeds which will lay dormant until the arrival of spring for the purpose to bring forth new growth.   With this in mind depending on your astrological sign you will be aware of certain area’s  which govern that part of your body- where your hold your stress.  Many organic pure essential oils can help you to adjust to this time of the Fall Equinox and bring in the harvest from the field by using these astrological essential oils.     The three astrological signs associate with the Fall Equinox for this season are below 


  1.  Libra is the first sign of fall the sign of balance of everything that's going on in your    life.  It ruling planet is Venus the Goddesses of love, beauty, diplomacy, etc and some time they over work their body and balance  needs to return to that area of the body where they hold some stress which is the lower back, kidney, kidney stones. 


      2.  The second sign of the fall is Scorpio the house of secrets, death and resurrection and rising from the ashes.  Scorpio's hold their stress in the area of the body which deals with their sexual organs area which can cause body infections.  


      3.   The third sign of the fall is Sagittarius which is the final sign of the fall season Sagittarius are fun loving people who always speak their mind and will take chances and always on their feet and this causes problem with stress in their legs, hips, thighs and liver. 



I have created special organic essential oil blends to relieve the pain in these areas for the above fall season astrological signs they're available for all signs.  The sizes are 1ml, 3ml, 5mml, 10ml, 15ml.  You can visit my website: readingsbyleonard.net for sizes and the prices


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Libra is the seventh house of the astrological wheel beginning September 21 - October 21 depending on the year.  Libra's ruling planet is Venus the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and all the elegant   things in the world.  It also rules Judges and legal procedures, diplomacy, etc...   Jupiter the ruling planet of Sagittarius is transiting the sign of Libra which brings new opportunities that may be coming your way but there will be so many opportunities so do take your time and chose the right ones resulting in longevity.

Jupiter will end its transit in October.  At the same time the planet of Saturn is transiting Sagittarius which will help you to face your fears and help you to grow. So take off the invisible chains that have been holding you in bondage.  It has brought back pass karma to be paid up some good and bad at this time.  Stay positive and grow into who you are supposed to become - your authentic self. The Libra's element is air here there and everywhere, you cannot contain it in any form or fashion you will use your intellect first to think things through and your emotions will come later. 




I have to balance myself if not I will become out of whack in everything 

I will be going around in a circle with no ending to this repeating oracle 

And keep that balance and not turn it into waste and become some paste 

Mother Nature is burning us out flooding us under and destroying all that's 

around us like a bolt of  thunder without notice of warning to prepare to leave. 

The wind is flashing, thrashing, bashing in a hashing and turning into a dashing 

and down she goes my beautiful tree and anything nature has created. 


The unbalance is caused from pollution, climate control, herbicide and pesticide 

genetic modify organism to our food the meat we eat it brings the unbalance 

down in the bowl swirling around and now it's coming up more than it was ever told 

We're not taking good care of mother earth's home in which she gave us in a cone 

She wants us to balance it out she still wants us to be here so stop this about sex, color 

Spiritual or religious belief because we would not be in this mess. 



We treating mother earth like dirt and in the process we tearing up the earth 

She does not like this- we caused her to have rumbles in her bowels 

She wants us as human beings to come together and help each other now 

Stop the destruction of the earth which we're custodian of this spaceship called the 

planet of mother earth. So lets rebuild and bring it back lets share this with each other and make a true commitment to take that piece of earth and love, care for it with all natural or organic things and not the ones which are unnatural or un-organic so the planet will be here for our children and grandchildren and future generations  


The theme is Libra's balance all things right now everything is out of whack bring it back into tack. It's the time for all of us to set the new tone so everything can come back home

The Sun goes into six astrological sign which is Virgo from August 21 - September 21 depending on the year in which you were born.   Virgo is a mutable sign which means there are two sides to this earth sign along with its fellow mutable signs Gemini 

 and Pisces.  Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo which also rules Gemini. Mercury deals with the mind thinking, analysis, communication and everyday routines, teaching, speaking, siblings, etc.

  The six house is ruled by Virgo and deals with health, work and services to others it also deals with practical things which covers nutrition, diet, figures and doing things in a methodical way.  It also covers paying more attention to details and checking things over to see it there are any errors.

 Mercury will be retrograde in the sign of Virgo on August 12 and then it will end September 5 in the astrological sign of Leo.  Well, this means you need to slow down and look back on the past three months when mercury was retrograde to review things that have to do with any health issues that you haven't been paying attention to- what your body is trying to tell you, also anything that has to with details with diet and your work environment and every day business activities.  You can correct these issues at this time to bring everything back into a better alignment with all the seven chakras and stay positive and be patient with you're doing in your life. 







Health is your wealth and you can't turn it around into a belt  

It's the foundation of your spirit, emotions, your mind and your physical body 

It's the essence of life the internal energy of the soul expressions that turn into a glow 

Without health I couldn't speak, move, see and hear or think it's the essence of blessing that comes from the divine 

That brings into focus of wonderful greatness ability to move and achieve 



Health is the riches thing that I it have been sort after from the beginning of time  

They mined deeply for the organic herbs, essential oils, fruits and vegetables and pure clean water to drink 

These things are infused with the divine he/she created to heal the spirit, mind, emotions and body 

Not the synthetic chemicals to create more health issues that doesn't heal but kill you off 

Health, I'm the richest person in the world they don't have a name or number for my wealth 



I rise in the sunshine and move around like a butterfly sashaying through the air with the wind blowing my hair flickering in the sunlight to make the angle right 

So my health is the greatest thing I have without it I couldn't be any it makes me whole in every senses and being it brings me up to the height of the divine 

He/she provides things I need to heal me completely physically, emotionally, and spiritually I drink from the teas, I eat the herbs, fruits and vegetables and flush it out so I don't have the urge so I give credit to the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine for bring this glorious knowledge of nature, your planet to heal me in every way  

Happy Birthday Virgo's so take advantage of  your great uniqueness to your health diet, nutrition it makes your glow, active, youthful  and love thy self by taking care of yourself spirit, mind, emotions and body completely

The Sun goes into the astrological sign of Leo on the July 21 - August 21 depending on the year of birth. Leo is the fifth house of the astrological wheel and itruling planet is the Sun. The Sun is the center of our solar system and it provides everything we need to sustain us on this planet.  The Sun is the outer personality how the people in the world view us Leo represents the individual and the fifth house which governs children, creativity, matters of the heartself, leadership, inter-strength, morals, principles, the law, arts and entertainment.  For the pass  two and half years  people born under the sign of Leo have been going  through many changes since the transit of the planet of Saturn has been going through the  fire sign of Sagittarius, in order  to bring about a positive growth period and change. To face your fears and grow towards your goals release the self- made shackles and come out of that invisible jail you have placed your-self in.  During this time you may have lost friends or relatives that influenced you in many ways, the key is to remember the positives things they have taught you and to believe in your- self. Always remember that you can do anything you want to do and stay focus in the right direction.  Saturn is the great teacher or the father figure in the astrological wheel of father time and it's time to grow to your true purpose that you were born to be. With Saturn you to do it right the first time so you don't have to go back and do it again so listen to your enter self and follow the first feeling or message and you wont go wrong. Always trust your feelings in these matters.   And with two new moons in Leo and a partial Luna and a total eclipse in your sign on the sign the first eclipse will occur on August 7 and the total eclipse of the Sun on August 21 big things will begin to happen for as Saturn finishes up its stay in Sagittarius in December 19 2017 smooth sailing is instore for you if you learn the lessons from father time which is Saturn. 




The Self 



The self is the individual the Sun is the sign of Leo it's how the outer world sees you or your personality  

The self is not trying to replicate to be anything else but what it's you can't duplicate, imitate or create something that is not there 

The self is you who you are, your DNA the essence of you the self is to be you whether you accept me or not I came to be me 

I didn't come to pretend to or shape myself in any one image but in to myself which the creator molded me in to being 

I'm not part of a group, crowd or organization I think for myself, I act for myself and I create for myself because this is me- my individual stamp that stands me out from the crowd 

The negative side of the self it can want more attention it wants to be in the limelight all the time and wants to do everything on a grand scale wants to be the center where everything comes and bows down before it 


The self has to learn to be its self in a positive way to share the limelight with other creatures who are at play 

Not to be dictatorial, demanding but being at ease and concerned, helping others who need that assistance 

So this is the true image of the self to grow within to be who they are show other people, places and things this is  the way you do it 

Not to be the one who wants the limelight all the time come reach out and share come and sit beside me and enjoy the air 

The self is one who can step back and still be happy not the negative side that drainof all of your essence like vampire 

So to you Leos come out of the transit of the planet of Saturn which affected all fire signs Leo, Aires and Sagittarius and the opposite signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius 


I hope you have learned the lessons which Saturn has been trying to teach you by doing it right the first time and this way you wont make a mistake 

So when the transit is over in December  19 2017 if you have learn from it good things will start happen for you if you didn't all that negative energy will engulf you and the self will be handicapped!

The Sun goes into the astrological sign of Cancer from June 21-July 21 depending on the year.  Cancer is a water sign ruler of the fourth house- so with the Sun being in the fourth house the sign of Cancer this will also affect the two other water signs-  Scorpio and Pisces.  The water signs react to everything by using their emotions first and thinking second.   The sign of Cancer deals with issues about motherhood, women and family so many people will be reconnecting with family gatherings, reunions and being close to the home base.   The physical part of the body which Cancer rules are the breast and stomach areas so these are very sensitive and need to be well taken care of - if not some issues with these areas could become a problem.  This is a time to trust your feelings which is part of your intuitiveness and psychic abilities. Always go with the first impression as seconding guessing yourself will take you off track.   With Sun in Cancer, the summer equinox and a New Moon within three days will be a time of new beginnings and fresh starts by planting the seeds of your goals. You will see result when the Sun moves through the sign of Capricorn.    With the Pluto moving through the sign of Capricorn there is a  great change going within side of you- just go with the flow and embrace the changes because it a time for  great opportunities for you  to grow and become a better individual.   Happy Birthday to the astrological sign of Cancer it’s your time to Shine. 







What's family I thought it was something we were together helping and taking care of each other and the extending family like the community who will raise a village? 

But in reality family are the people that robbed my own kingdom and in- slaved me and my family in your kingdom and then you sold me off to a foreign alien and they in-slaved me. 

Then I thought I was building a family than I was taken from them and then you sold me to someone else who was my new owner another alien in this new kingdom. 

When I became free, I started all over building my new foundation for my family to become someone in this strange world I found myself in. 

Then you saw me as threat to you and then obstacles of all kinds was placed in my path so I couldn't achieve but I did out of the grace of GOD. 

You shame my grandfather, father, uncle and brother so they couldn't find jobs to take care of the family but we survived and again by the grace of God. 


And then there was the brief moment in time when the family was unshakable and anchored firmly in the foundation which is building solid firm ground 

Oh how I would pray thanking GOD to be a part of something that was so great and enriching to my spirit, heart and emotion-and when we were together it was ecstasy to me. 

When the Patriarch, Matriarch and the rest of elders who brought us through the pain, suffering and building a better life for their children. 




The discord, disruption and confusion all around and the foundation starts to crack and fall apart because of jealousy, laziness and bitterness towards the ones who invested in themselves.  

Many secrets which were swept under the rug- all about the unclean things that were going on this includes- sexual, emotional, physical and psychological abuse. 

We didn't find these things out until we became much older then we could understand the level of tension, fear, and mistrust that you still had giving the public the impression that you had It all together but privately it was falling apart- coming loose from the threads the hem was dropped and couldn't be hemmed back again . 


With these episodes of the abuse you inform the elders and they thought you were crazy and wouldn't believe you and holding it inside carrying the shame that it was your fault that this happen to you. 

Realizing it was not your fault and healed yourself through prayer and someone who would listen and not judge and be a confidant and let your know that it was not your fault you did nothing wrong. 

When the ones who took on the blame and shame than had low self- esteem and looking to be angry with everyone and things resort to the same abusive behavior and the vicious cycle begins all over again. 

I broke out of that cycle because I want to raise a family and have no part of this evilness and my children could come to me I would listen and stop it right away. 

So that's the family I have, not all of them but great many of them is like this- full with hate, bitterness, envy and jealousy and they will trying to take what's rightfully yours that you worked  hard to buy. 

That they deserve it and would use your name to mess you up all the way around to create chaos in your life and the time you have to apply and money to clear it up. 

I went out into the real world and found my true family whom I was with before I was sold off to the different kingdoms and now I'm hold again. 


But I went into the real world and found non blood brothers, sisters and the family I have at the beginning of myself before I was sold off to the different kingdoms when I knew true blood family!

The sun goes into the astrological sign of Gemini from May 21 through June 21 depending on the year.    Happy birthday dear fellow Gemini(s) and this is a new beginning for you. Gemini is an air sign along with Libra and Aquarius. These signs are more intellectual thinkers.   They do have a strong sense of feeling but that's their second nature to think first and feelings come second.   Gemini has been going through a period of change and growing with the planet of Saturn transiting Sagittarius their solar seventh house of relationships of all kinds.  The need to set boundaries in all of your relationships - so this means that many will be let go to make way for the new. Some may have been in your life for years but you have out grown them and it’s time to move on.   It's also time to be your authentic self and follow the directions and follow the path in which you were born to go.  Mercury the ruling planet of Gemini has recently come out of retrograde and now is up to full speed. You can move ahead with your plans and say good bye to the hurt and pain to heal yourself and don't make other people’s problems yours. Attend to your own garden and plant your seeds to bring your dreams to come true.

Get The Fake Out Of Your Life

I want all of this fake to go and don't want to wake in glow I want it to stream through the sky away from me like winning a prize It needs to be dug up from the root and destroyed so there will be no other recoup See it blowing away like a strong wind and sending it to a distant end The darkness of the fake to move out before it brings an earthquake I want this fake to be taken away from all of my aspects from the internal and external because I don't want it turn into colonel It will be out of my life and I notice all of the red flags I will not surrender with a white flag  This fake will sashay like a run way walk with no audience to view the garments just like a tree on a soft windy day

I will shake it off like Taylor Swift would say It needs to be place in a rocket for it to go back into pocket This fake will roll down a hill and crash into a docket I want it to wake and laid out to show the fake what it really us is regarding people, places and things in my life Let them run their mouths and they will give you everything you need to know about them You don't need to upset yourself just get and give the Joan Crawford pat on the back of the head to let them know that you are ahead of them This is what I mean I want all of it out of my life because I'm not a fake and I don't want to bake and be served on a plate It‘s over and never coming back I forgive, bless, wish you well and leave these fake alone

Oh I'm glad I can see it and know what to do and bring down and turn it into morning drew From now when I awaken on my birthday all of the fake is out of the play and I ‘m here to be me my authentic self the good, bad and I will turn them into a bee As I buzz around to see what needs to be seen I can see the truth the real and distinguish it from the fake I see the spirit which is the foundation If the spirit is fake and everything inside and out is also every word, glimpse and smile has a hidden agenda behind that mile

The sun goes into the second house of the astrological wheel of Taurus from the 21 of April through May 21 depending on the year.   Taurus is the second house and it rules money, work and possessions. It's also an earth sign along with Virgo and Capricorn. They are planet in the earth to anchor them to the first Chaka where the seeds are planted for growth.  The ruling planet of Taurus is the Goddess of love Venus- at the beginning of the Sun going into Taurus the planet of Mercury will be retrograding or moving backwards it will give you a chance to review anything that happened the last time of the mercury retro-graded around the end of 2016 to beginning of 2017. The planet Pluto which is also retrograding in Capricorn, the same rule applies to things that had been over looked or ignored will have to be addressed as well. These impediments will be coming to the surfaces to bring light on them for once and all.  Take all of the issues that are facing you and move forward with the belief that your dreams will come true. Remember to stay focus on what you want and see them through because only you can make it a reality by staying committed.   Happy Birthday and may the new year bring you happiness, health, wealth and self- love to you and to the people whom you love around you.


Now you are number one for the next month I hope you can win everything and get over the hump So you're the star of the show for fifth six days so bask in the limelight and glow Than you will check out all the finance and other sources to handle your budget from work or possessions to grow This is the time to put your thoughts and dreams so they can come into being Then you will have to speak communicate the truth what you want and not turn into romp Get in touch with your feelings your home, family be thankful for them and see them grow majestic Invest in your seeds and what you want them to become treat them like flowers that need to be nurtured under the Sun Bring harmony to the spirit, mind, emotions and body when they're off balance everything is out of line bring them back to the vine

Take a look at our diet, water intake, sleep and time alone to recharge our self to bring us back to our best and anything to relief the stress Bring a balance to all our relationships love, work, marriage and be aware open enemies, spiritual blessings, legal problems that might turn into Robin Stop holding on to the secrets that has been hidden let them go and rise from the ashes to bring new growth from above New skills are need for the new landscape to grow with new traits, talents and desires so they can become a piece of happiness Pay attention to your career reputation, image the lessons that need to be learned so you won't turn into a burn I hope wishes, dreams, friendships and desires bring into a circle and listen to the wise wisdom from the elders

Help others who have less and want to do better in courage them to stay focus and find the way to be their best Let’s have our fantasies and dreams learn to read them through the third eye so they can fly and our feet won't miss a beat Get attached to our feels internally and externally and find out what we need to grow and blossom and sting like a bee So now we are back to number one and happy birthday Taurus you are now on the world stage give a great performance Win the top prize for being the positive person you're and becoming your authentic self so far

The sun goes into the first house of the astrological wheel which is the sign of Aries from 21 of March through the 21 of April.   The Aries's native is a fire sign along with the sign of Leo and Sagittarius and they represents action, raw energy, passion, force and love.   The ruling planets of Aries are Mars and Pluto ( duel ruling planets).  Mars gives you Aries's the energy to achieve anything you want to and Pluto brings things that have been holding you back from your goals and the direction in which to go .

  You're the beginning of everything so now is the time to plant the seeds of your desires and see them blossom into reality.  And since this a one numerology year a total new beginning of a new nine year cycle you need to go for it.   Also some Aries' will start things out and drop it for some new idea but the lesson is to complete one at a time so when the Sun goes into the sign of Libra you will see these ideas coming into being.  

 There will be many challenges coming your way with the planet of Uranus which is now moving through the sign of Aries.    So be prepared for sudden changes that will give you freedom from out molded ways of looking at yourself and the outer world.   These changes are there to help you to grow in a more positive way and see your dreams come true.  The physical part of the body that is ruled by Aries is the head, face and skin so these areas need to be protected at all times.

The New Beginning

This is the first house it's you and what you need to be so plant your seeds and grow so it will become a bow. Now what you have to invest in yourself and not regress in a doubt and seek out the finance that you need to sting like a bee It's the time to use expert skills of communication by speaking, writing and being creative in all forms and color the dreams Going inside of yourself and touching your soul and heal by letting go of the pain that's not yours to carry it is blocking the 3rd charka which is the solar Plex Play your part in your show enjoy the limelight but don't get carried away because your audience can turn around send you tomatoes.

Listen to your body it will tell you what it need and surrender it because the temple will be strong, wise, youthful and shiny. Be diplomatic during negotiations and balance the scales in everyone favor so no disruption will bring corruption  Receive the blessing and be aware of open enemies, the house of others and legal issues that will lead to abandonment Bring up the secrets and let them go look at what you need to know which have been hidden bring it to the surface deal with it Don't run away from yourself bring and what it brings let death and resurrection start a new life and beginning New training will create better skills along with more monies, freedom, material things and lifestyle  Listen to your dreams and learn how to interpret them bring them from the spiritual world into your reality.

If there are any negatives turn them all into positive light to see what all can be in your life at this time and moment Time to let go and move on if not you won't grow and you will become stagnated standing still in one spot and not growing Move up that ladder and go for what you want it's there waiting for you so you won't become a bump Be careful of your public images, reputation and one false move can become a damnation Hopes, wishes and friendships let them flow like the cool wind on a hot day and help others to bring them up  Use your eyes, feelings, dreams and intuition see what's happen around you and within yourself. So now I'm back at number one and you don't have to go and find who's number one it's you that has accomplished all of the things that need to be done You're seeing the seed which was planted in the Sun in Aries coming full circle and the dreams, wishes and hope into fruition.

  If you would like to take any of the classes that I will be teaching follow the information above.  I will be teaching Dream Circle, How to survive Mercury Retrograde and I teach Healing Meditation also.

The Sun Goes Into Pisces 2017

The Sun goes into the astrological sign of Pisces from February 19 - 21 of March depending on the year. Pisces is the twelfth house of the astrological wheel which is all of the other signs roll into one and it ruling planet is Neptune which is the planet of illusions, fantasy, boundaries and psychic abilities. Pisces is a dual water sign like the three other signs Gemini (air), Virgo ( earth) and Sagittarius ( fire) so these signs have two sides. All signs has a positive and negative and the trick is to find the middle ground in all of them.

The physical parts of the body which Pisces governs is the eyes and the feet so when the Sun is in Pisces that is the best time to have them taken care of. Never have anything done on these areas when the Sun is in the opposite sign of Virgo if you do there will be problem with the healing or any procedures done on them. Neptune is in Pisces for a long haul and we as human beings are urged to clean up our water and stop polluting them to bring relief to the marine environment in order to rebound. Neptune is also the realm of movies and television which is are fantasies and illusions.

Pisces people can be positive and helping out in many ways or they can be negative by cling to you like vine and some of them has their heads in the clouds. They should stay away from any forms of stimulants because they can overtake and lead them into addiction also many of them are great actors because they know how to get into the character very well. Some of them are big liars and they know how to be very seductive with their eyes, voice and touch. Pisces ruling planet Neptune frees you from the illusions, fantasies and bring your head out of the clouds. This will teach you to grow for yourself along with fellow human beings.

Bring Your Head Out Of The Confusion

Bring your head out of the confusion and out of the clouds drifting every where that's not right to bring you to a bow This is the twelfth the end of the wheel you should be for real In the beginning you're was confused and you need to be aware and knowing Hey you should know what to do with your money and be on a budget to turn it around like honey Communication should be learn express in every form creative, wild, exciting that will lead you to the clouds Family should have been washed away all of the secrets, bitterness, hated all the fears blames and I don't play these games Everything is fresh and the stomach shouldn't be upset creating a blockage in the solar plexus.

 Love comes with your expressive form iridescent, transparent and any color, shape or form Reaching the heart connecting the divine love with your family, community, world and universal love Health I should be on a regiment to gain strength, endurance and balance every muscle I have Balance fairness to set boundaries in all relationships and be aware of opening enemies and spiritual blessings Endings and new beginnings rising from the ashes death and resurrection other people money Higher learning mysticism, dreams take a chance move closer to your reason that you're for this season.

Invest in yourself and bring about dividends from your talents so you can soar to the sky Keep your hopes, wishes, dreams and friendships to bring them into the flow of the less fortunate human beings So we are back to twelfth which is you and I hope you have learn from all of the stops of the wheel because it's all of you coming back to you which is the divine energy to start the wheel again and be careful that you will make good.

The Sun goes into the astrological sign of Aquarius which is an air sign from January 21 - February 21 Aquarius it is the eleven house it's ruling planet is Uranus which is the planet of change, freedom, revolution and sudden upheaval. Aquarius is an air sign along with Gemini and Libra so they use their minds first and emotions last not to say that they are not emotional beings. Aquarius is the sign of hopes, wishes and friendships they are ahead of their times, so many of us have to catch up to their progressive thinking.

Electricity, space traveling to other worlds in the cosmos-it also rules television and anything that relates to new kinds of clean energy that does not harm the environment. Now that Uranus is passing through the fire Sign of Aires there is a need for new beginnings in your life and take these positive thoughts from your mind and bring them into a new creative mindset that forces you from the chains that your place on self.

So go ahead and step out to help your follow human -beings so they can enjoy the fruits of life like everyone else. Aquarius is the sign that wants to bring freedom to those that have been locked outside of humanity. This poem is dedicated to the ideals of the sign of Aquarius cosmos

Lift Them Up

Lift them up to those whom have been left behind so we can place them in front of the line Now is their turn to know when where and how to go in the right direction to grow Give them character wisdom strength and teach them to use their mind and emotions that might cause them to commit a crime. Bring them into the light because they have been left in the dark so they can sing truth just like a lark Give them the wisdom which will lead them to what is in their heart to lead them out of dark

Bring them up out of the depth of that emotional feeling that makes them helpless like a circle going around and around. Now that they're out of that circle they become a winner in their own right without a doubt to right. Show them the enter gifts that the creator has given them to share with humanity to bring them out of this insanity Now is the time to work their claim to find the riches of gold, silver, platinum and or precious stones to glow in the sun.

Lift them up so we are all on the same level and there is no hatefulness and regrets or disrespect in the shovel Let’s dig up all of our feelings so we don't have to make another will. So bring all my brothers and sisters of all walks of life into bright light into this common ground so we can meet in this space

And discuss our difference and dislikes and come up with better solutions to bring into the light When this is done the world will become a better place for all us with great delight So with this positive side of Aquarius sign transiting into being it represents humanity and seeing.

Reach out and touch someone with anything we can to bring into a better state of being The divine will bless us with Karma that's good and protect us with armor from anything that's not good Because we are the champions and take the torch and march forward with hope faith and light for humanity. The army of the Age of Aquarius for all humanity

The Sun goes into the tenth house of the astrological wheel which is the sign of Capricorn from December 21 - January 21 depending on the year.  Capricorn is a earth sign and its ruling planet is Saturn which rules father time - a strict taskmaster so once you're given an assignment to do complete it right the first time around.  Capricorn rules the house of employment, success, moving up the ladder, government and institutions of all kinds. Many Capricorn's have to wait until they're older for their success to come into being and this sometimes can make them feel frustrated but they must learn to be patient and success will come.  Keep doing what needs to be done and hold onto your dreams and it will happen. Always remember that every failure is a success because it teaches you to perfect your talent to make it happen.  With the planet Pluto transiting the sign of Capricorn you are at the half way point of things will be getting a lot easier for you.  Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio and Aires this planet represent things that have been hidden deep inside of you which light needs to be shine and brought to the surface to be dealt with.  So bring these issues up to the forefront and deal with them and make your life better in the present and future.

The Poem for Capricorn Bring Up From The Under Ground

This turning deep down in the under- ground moving back and forth like a worm wiggling its self flatly upon the earth This is Pluto what's hidden now needs to surface light has to be placed upon it which you thought was a crime Release the chains that are placed upon your physical, emotional and spiritual and say good bye to the past and embrace in your ever evolving journey forward Welcome in the new and graciously releasing the old let it all go and come from out of the hole.

And when this is all through you will see the new you sashaying, flying and floating any way you care to choose Then reflect back to the beginning to see how far you have come to and all of the obstacles you have over come . So now you're at your pinnacle point because you have listen and obey to receive your rewards It's your passion and you will be success at dashing, hashing and cashing it in for great rewards for a job well done .

So share this new you from the growth and experience that brought your through this tight rope Your spirit and foundation brought you this confirmation so this is you Cap and continue to grow all the way through which bring you into the blue.  Give it out to those who want to know waste no time place, direction or purpose to those who don't want to grow You're on a higher dimension now Cap everything is not for everyone to be on that level to wi

The Sun enters into Sagittarius on November 21 – December 20 depending on the year.  Sagittarius is a fire sign along with Leo and Aries. Fire signs have a problem to listening to what is being said to them.  Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the astrological wheel and its ruling planet is Jupiter which is the largest one in our galaxy. It's the planet of blessings, expansion and new opportunities.  The problem here is to take the opportunities and to choose the right ones that will give you longevity. Sagittarians are fun loving people and like to explore the world around them in the form of higher education, foreign culture, travel, speculation and physical competition.  The planet Saturn is now moving through the sign of Sagittarius it brings about pass karma to be repaid back with blessings whether in a positive or negative way. This is the time to grow and let go of your fears to live your life in the best positive form you can.  Let go of the past and embrace the future with faith and many new possibilities that awaits you. Have faith and belief in yourself and go for what you want and listen and obey through your intuition coming from the divine



I'm happy to have blessings so I can them into a happy event for myself and for others. Taking those blessings and spreading them onto other people- the blessing of encouragement, assistance, guidance and understanding To listen to someone to vent not giving an opinion just allowing them to get it off of their chest and let them see the reason why they went through those situations and lessons that were learned from those experiences.

Spread these blessings to others by telling them your situation and the issues that comforted you and how they were cleared up and how you overcame them- learning from them so you don't make those mistakes again. Blessings to wake up in the morning and see the sunshine and being in good health with a roof over your head, food to eat, heat in the winter and have air-conditioning in the summer to you keep you cool.

To have employment and receive payment from your talent and the gifts that was given to you from the divine so you can have a life of freedom. Blessings to know that your health is the most beautiful blessing that you could ever have. I'm richer than the riches man in the world because I have my health and I can do anything I want to do and when I don't have good health I'm in pain, uncomfortable

. Blessings to believe in the divine, listen and obey. Stop thinking that you're in control only the creator is. So let he/she the creator direct you on the path that's right for you and fulfill that silent contract which you signed before you came into being. Through all of my incarnations and all my lives lets gather that information so I can fly let me be the best and only the best in this incarnation!

The Sun goes in the astrological sign of Scorpio on October 21-November 21 depending on the year.  Scorpio is a water sign along with the sign of Cancer and Pisces and they react to everything on an emotional level.  Scorpio is the eight house of the astrological wheel and it's ruling planets are Mars and Pluto.

  This is the house of endings, resurrection, death, new beginnings, intimacy, other people resources, secrets and things that have been hidden. Regarding the planet Pluto the ruling planet of Scorpio now transiting in the ten (10) house of Capricorn which deals with institutions, government, corporations of all kinds and systems that has been worn out and need a complete overhaul to them.

  So Scorpions don't become overly emotional about these changes they're for the best- go with the flow and everything will turn out fine.  Don't fight it- If you do issues and/or situations will become harder for you to overcome. Stay positive and look on the bright side of things and grow to become a better person for yourself, your family, community, country and the world to become the best you can.

The Eagle The eagle is quick like a lighting flash when it strikes its target

The eye of the eagle  sees everything out and within

The spirit is the man or woman and boy and girl If the spirit is not right than root is bad And the branch which bears fruit is poison also

The eagle which grows from the depth of the snake crawling on the dust of the earth To the Scorpion from the deep who bring its sting to inflict pain and revenge

To come away from self-destruction, bitterness which will destroy you

And become the eagle which is the highest form of a Scorpion to become So wake up to your true purpose that you came into being

Fly the air ways with this eagle eye and remove any negativity to become positive In tune yourself with the creator and fulfill that silence contract you made with the universe

So all of you Scorpios rise to this eagle which is most spiritual form to become And give out wise knowledge to yourself, family, friends, associates, acquaintance, community and the world From this you can make a better place for all of us to live and grow through positive reinforcemen

The Sun goes into the astrological sign of Virgo on August 22 - September 21 depending on the year.  Virgo is an earth sign and it's one of the mutable signs of the astrological wheel along with the other three mutable signs which are Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces. Mutable means that you can be pulled into two directions.

 Virgo is a earth sign- it's grounded in the earth where growth begins and it sometimes is depicted as a Virgin and it represents the six house which governs health, work and service to others.   Jupiter is now in the sign of Virgo where it has been transiting your solar first house for the last year which started in August of 2016.

Many new opportunities has come your way- the trick is to pick the ones that has greatest longevity to expand.  When the planet Jupiter- which is the largest planet in our solar system leaves your solar first house it will go into your solar second house which governs money, work and possessions. It will grow from the choices you made when Jupiter was transiting your solar first house. Take what you have learned from the new opportunities that opened and grow from them to make a better life for yourself, family and community.


Your health is your wealth to bring back to yourself  It's your temple like a well-designed machine to be seen That functions in line with the energy beam The nourishment from the seed to bring you into full being It lights the temple of majesties to be touched, seen and gleam The wonder, discovery, beauty and the breathless of the image

From the muscles, structure, tone of color and the quality of undercover Inside is the show that bring out the glow which comes from above The face of glow with textures that grow like a leaf in the snow The lips which speak of knowledge that was given to grow Eyes which are the window of the soul to see within The movement it’s great swiftly and at the point there is no other width The shoulders are around to bring it to the now. So take care of your temple cleanse it from toxins that bring down in a box

Give it the natural things it needs so the temple will grow into a majestic being Drink the pure water free from chemicals, pollutants and other unnatural sources Rest your body, spirit, mind and emotions though meditation to become a better creation Remember the temple is magnificent machine when it's treated right it will last forever In the beginning of creation the temple lasted for thousands of years or we returning to that gear and Yes, we're getting the knowledge now to appreciate our temple and it will bring out the best in everything we do

The Sun enters Leo on July 21- August 21 depending on the year. Leo’s are a fire sign along with Aires, Sagittarius and they need air to grow brilliant   The air signs which make them grow more brightly are Gemini, Libra,  Aquarius and the ruling of the sign Leo is the Sun and it governs the fifth house of the astrological wheel.  This is the house of children, creative expression, true love and self, leadership, morals & principles etc.

  All fire signs are going through an intense period of change for the better with the planet Saturn transiting the sign of Sagittarius this will also have a great affect on the signs of Leo and Aires. With this transit it brings up front any pass karma back to you hopefully it will all be good blessings and new opportunities.   With the planets Mercury and Venus in Leo things will be happening in the area of communication and money so take advantage of this placement of the planets.    Things will settle down next year and you will have grown a great deal in your life direction and releasing old habits, negative thoughts, environment and people.


Black lives matter because we need to stop hating each other and destroying ourselves we have to help each other and release the chains of slavery from the tribal forces that move us around in Africa who sold us to ones whom became our masters.   We have to learn to love each other unconditionally and have a village a community where everyone takes care of each other and what we have lost so let’s recapture that moment in our history.

Black lives do matter we as black people we need to stop hating being   jealousy, envious, bitter towards each other and stop killing each other not just with the guns, drugs, punishment and brutality, incest, emotional drainage, and the physical bombardment in every form or fashion we have to stop that this is why black lives matter. We have to start loving ourselves for what we were created to be -we are rooted in strength in the earth and giver of the truth so give it to each other- lift your fellow sister and brother up.

   Black lives do matter -teach us to be healthy, fit, intelligent, and quick, understanding black lives do matter to each other to look out for one another when things are wrong speak up against injustice and when things are right praise the rightness of it hug and tell them that you love not just by words but deeds too. Black lives do matter let’s stop blaming ourselves about that we were grab from the breast of our motherland and transported in this strange object in water in ways that we were unfamiliar, unjust, and riveted that was our ancestors and now we have to learn to love each other so we can awaken our culture and individuality so we can be products of the great migration from the motherland to this strange environment.

Black lives do matter that we can teach our children that they can be anything they want to be by being patient, educated, having perseverance and understanding, wisdom and experience.   Black lives do matter that we have to respect the ancestors, elders who have come before us to guiding us toward the future we must respect their knowledge, wisdom and experience- this why black lives do matter we have to love each other and stop the senseless violence towards each other stop the killing until we do this we will never be the great force that was created to be to loved, supported and protected by each other.

Black lives do matter to each us how to eat healthy to purchase land to we will have control of our food production- to go back to the natural way of living and become once again in tune with the creator.  Clean our water up from the chemicals which has invade every aspect of our lives for the sake of greed deleted the resources of the deep by over fishing and harvesting the creatures of the deep. Black lives do matter to each other black individuals these are the things that really matter in our own culture, race, structure that we will join in all the lives that matter, because we will don't do this to o ourself any more.                

The Sun goes into the astrological sign of Cancer on June 21-July 21 its ruling planet is the Moon. This is a water sign so they react to everything on an emotional level rather than intellectual. It's the fourth house of the astrological wheel- it represents the home, family, motherhood, security and women issues.

Cancer natives can be very moody and their feelings change often. They love to eat, will feed anyone who comes to their home for a visit so you will find many of them in the kitchen a lot. Cancer natives have to be very careful with their food intake because they have a tendency to gain weight in the midsection of their body.

Some Cancers can be very jealous, furtive and this gets them into a lot trouble and like the crabs in a barrel who are trying to reach the top and the others are trying to pull them back down. The physical part of the body that Cancer rules is the breast and the stomach so these areas need to be protected as this can be their strength and/or weakness.

Right now the Planet Pluto is transiting the sign of Capricorn which is the tenth house of the astrological wheel which rules employment, success, and career, moving up the ladder. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and co-ruler of Aires. Pluto represents what's happening underground which light needs to be shed on these areas to bring it to the surface to be dealt with and for you to grow into a better person. The area of career, employment, success, moving up the ladder needs to be addressed so just stay positive and move forward with you plans and remember that every failure is a success.


As I am moving around in my mother’s womb she is nurturing me with her vitamins, minerals, nutrients that she has taken in and I was absorbing all these things to help grow strong into being a great human being. Even her emotions the state of them affected me if there was pain I felt pain anything that was wrong or right in the pregnancy it all went into me and as I a-merge from this cocoon I began to see. Her pain wasn't my distain so I didn't have to run away in shame I took that pain and washed it away from me so I can be cleansed into the light.

As I came into an environment that I didn't know I depended on her to show and tell what I needed to know and if she hated my father - she would feel that hate for me because every time she saw me I gave her a glimpse of what could have been. If she loved me then I would receive the love that I needed…unconditional love, protection and understanding the same she had for my father who implanted into her his genes to bring me into being.

When inside it was decided if it was pain, hatred, happiness and love it molded and gave a viewpoint into her sense of being. Then it would have been up to me -the spirit that was within me to discern if it was right or wrong. If it was right I could blossom and grow and sprout up and be tall and strong not just spiritually, emotionally and physically and all the leaves from the branches of that tree which is me. If it was bitterness I tasted that fruit and it was bitter and I spit it out because I didn't want her bitterness destroying me because the relationship she had with him was not meant to be.

It was my choice to decide to listen to her bitterness and follow it into the desert of thirst and wandering and no place to ever call my home. If it was love I followed it with the sweet taste of nectar on my lips and swallowed it into myself. Some of us have a choice take the path that's right- the middle path is the balance and to merge from all this bitterness to be my own person in the truth in the guidance from the divine to merge from all this love to spread it to those who want it in the guidance of the divine.

I want that love -so give it to me in every form that it comes in. I reject the bitterness, pain, suffering in any way there is no rewards in suffering. Clouding my emotions, mind, spirit and sinking me into the depth of your pain and bitterness and not forgiving and moving on. Accept rejection it's healthy it not rejecting you but your mannerism, thoughts, actions and accept the love in anyway it comes and especially from my mother and the seed that is planted within me while I was in her womb…. to come out to be something great, fantastic, unique , understanding and wonderful from the divine.


The Sun goes into the sign of Gemini on May 21-June 21 depending on the year. It's a air sign and it fellow air signs are Libra and Aquarius. Air is here there and everywhere- you can't bottle it or trap it in any form - air will always seep out. It's a dual sign and you must remember you are dealing with two people. It's also the sign of transportation, communication, social media, sales, electronics, secondary education and publishing, etc. You will find many of these occupations under the sign of Gemini. Gemini's is an intellectual sign so it thinks- it's air- so it's moving from one area to another and gathering information to simulate and pass it on to the rest of humanity and they are called the messenger of the God's and its ancient name is called Hermes.

Gemini's are very loyal, friendly and possess an outgoing personality. They can be quick with their tongue, move swiftly and quickly, they're always moving to the next area so they can explore. Gemini's are explorers - they want to know about everything but Gemini's need to learn about one thing and not become a jack of all trades- Gemini’s need to be more focus and master one thing at a time complete it and then go on to next thing. They're very talkative, witty, they hold great conversations and they're the life of the party right now Saturn which is the planet of restriction delays procrastination and lessons to learn and pass karma is now in the sign of Sagittarius -which is Gemini's opposite sign.

This falls into Gemini's solar seventh house ( in the sign of Libra) and the need to balance all relationships of all kinds. Libra is another air sign (the sign of balance and boundaries) so there is a transformation going on in all of your relationships such as love, money, career and health etc. There needs to be balances set in all areas of your life at this time and some relationships will be ended.

Time To Stand On You Own

We are like a tree planted as seed in the earth unseen and untouched by the physical eye but the seed is planted underneath the earth and it grows somehow connected to stream of nutrients and vitamins that helps it to grow on top of the earth. The rain flows- sashay and glitter on the grass and goes into the ground to find the seed- this constant bombardment of rain and sunshine, nutrients helps the tree to grow. It grows tall and it's branches start to spread out and the leaves start to form and the coming of the creatures of the air of all sizes and species.

Then the species that craw and wigging up and down the tree to rest, nest, and sit and watch what's going on this tree has created a environment like an extended family, community to raise it. Each creature takes something from the tree a seed to pollinate and planet it some place else to grow. So now we are growing and standing on our own the creature of all kinds are like our family, friends, ancestors and acquaintance, associates, and they carry all of this knowledge and information on to the wider circle from where the tree stands.

And they carry that seed some place and repeat it and what they remember from the tree which was nurtured up to be strong and fantastic to become a majestic beacon on a hot sunny day a shelter from a down pour of cleansing. A rest stop to lie down or lean against it. Now we have to stand on our own for every person, animal that we have lost in the physical world they left behind that knowledge for you to stand tall majestically. Branching out with your branches full with the leaves of fruit and nourishment, comfort, rest and shade to be. So now I'm standing on my own and I'm remembering the love, wisdom that all of those who have left me who have card for me to stand on my own. And now I can spread like sweet nectar coming from the flowers of life so I can now stand on my own.

The Sun goes into Taurus April 21 - May 21 Taurus is the second house of the zodiac the house of money, work, processions and our talents that we make money by. Taurus ruling planet is Venus which also rules Libra. Taurus is a earth sign and it fellow earth signs are Virgo and Capricorn. Pluto is moving through Capricorn for a long transit in the tenth house Pluto which rules the underground things that have been hidden and now it's time to bring light to these issues. Pluto represents death and resurrection this means a new beginning, new view point and a new outlook.

Growth What's growth it's a seed, an idea, a belief and a approach to come to the host Growth is to plant this seed and see it grow you must attend to that see to let it flow Growth needs attention to move all of the weeds that's trying to choke the root of that seed so it can blow. Growth is watering that seed, caring for that seed just like a child that needs encouragement, needs to be taught and taken care of.

Growth is nurturing the seed so all of the nutrients can fortify it down to the root so it can be strong and stern. Growth is getting the proper sunshine, caring, loving and watching for any pestilence that might attack the seed so growth is building a wall around your seed of hope, prosperity, love and family, job. Growth is to master, cultivate and then attend to something that you have great love and caring for to nurturing a bud that blossom into something great.

Growth is watching the seed rise from the bowel of the earth one leaf at a time and it turn into belief. Growth is believing that the seed is growing by attending to it's every need to be in the breezes. Growth is the seed which is your talents- which is you rising this beautiful flower that's growing Just like a tree rising up from the ground and branching out and giving us sound.

Growth is your talents for you to perfect no matter how many times you were incorrect and you learn from your mistakes it keeps striving to make it happen and so put growth in everything you're doing and eventually you will sail. Growth is having a loving relationship with the creator and yourself falling in love with each other and listening, obey and receiving the blessings and miracles. Growth is you and accomplishing your hopes, goals, dreams and wishes all coming into to being. Growth is you to carry this knowledge to your fellow human beings so they can plant the seed to who they are.

Aries March 21 - April 21 depending on the year Aries is one of the signs that's rule by dual planets which is Mars and Pluto. Mars represents action, vigor, force, passion, raw energy, love and Pluto represents things that are hidden deep in the underground of our self. And these issues that need to brought up from the dark so the light can shine on them. This brings about death and resurrection to these issues or transformation and rebirth. Right now Uranus is transiting the first house of the astrological wheel which is Aries and everything in your life has been a series of great changing in every aspect of your life. And these changes are happening suddenly and they're bringing great changes for the future which is positive if you don't fight it just go with the flow of it.

Spring Time

Spring time brings which has been planted nurtured and cared for like a mother carrying a child to be brought into the world or like a animal carrying it's off spring to be taught the way of survival of the fittest. Spring time is new beginnings this is actual the new year the beginning of the first sign of the astrological wheel that comes around in a swirl. It brings forward action, vigor, force, passion, love, excitement and on the other side of the coin it brings about aggression, negativity, abuse and moving things in a direct way so balance is needed here.

Spring time so let’s balance and find the middle ground so we can be sound and all around we can push our agenda in a positive way and not stepping on toes to be in the way. Let’s laugh and enjoy the aspects of Mars in a positive way and let down any force of aggression or domination in a negative way.

Spring time is that new beginning to re-insert, refocus, ourselves so we can know with scope to refocus that will be the hope so we can achieve for humanity. Spring time touches all of the things that we love so dearly that we wholeheartedly want to change in a positive way so everyone can be exposed to listen and hear what's being said in a way.

Spring time is strength the seed of a deep love that great love from the divine that love that's deep inside of you in reserve so when you're against the wall it comes out in a curve. Connect with the divine for that deeper love because this love is for you to be in love with self and having relationship with self to ride the waves that are high and low but coming back in great glow.

That's why I'm directed to this tree which was barren now blossomed overnight and its glorious canopy of white and green that created the screen around me. Ha ha these are the seeds that I will bring forth that I will do something to help humanity come out of its grip of despair and have faith in the divine who has control of our mind, spirit and body and in this divine play and the stage is the universe.

Here is a list of workshops which I will be teaching in the coming months in the Charlotte, NC area. If you are interested in taking any one of these workshops you can attend in person or take it live on line by going to this link. spiritlearnedlive.com and go to the search box and place the word nook in the box and than follow the instructions. Looking forward to see you in person or live on line.

Saturday, May 14, 2016 Astrology Signs, The Human Body and The Crystals workshop - 10am - 12noon (Part 1) and 1-3pm Part 2) Required Core Course for Kent-Cook Institute students and open to the public. Each segment $25.  Tuesday, June 14, 2016 1:30pm and 6:30pm

Part 1 of Dreams! Required Core Course for Kent-Cook Institute students and open to the public. Each class $20. Tuesday, June 21, 2016 1:30pm and 6:30pm Part 2 of Dreams! Required Core Course for Kent-Cook Institute students and open to the public each class is $20.00.  

 Meditation class on Wednesday afternoons. Your first hour long meditation will be Wednesday, 3/24 from 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm class is $20:00.  You may go to these links to check out the course kentcookinstitute.com or meetup.com/thenook.

The Sun goes into the sign of Pisces from February 21 - March 21 depending on the year. Pisces is the twelve house of the astrological wheel and is the house of hidden enemies, psychic powers and acting. The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune one of the distance planets and it's also a water mutable sign with diverse emotions. Right now Neptune is transiting Pisces the twelve house breaking down barriers to become more spiritual and the physical part of the body of Pisces are the eyes and feet.

Neptune Distance as star dust so far but yet so near Neptune clouded in mystery amazement and wonder Breaking the boundaries and tearing down the walls the blockage

Neptune through my eyes which are the windows of my soul you bring to me the light that guide and shine me into a glow Neptune with my feet moving quickening, softly and amazingly through the surface as I walk, as I glide as I shay down the runway

Neptune my third eye see the past, present and the future I feel it with my whole being that brings me into a motion

Neptune the characters that I have to portray in this play of life to bring the scenes to a bite I feel the depth, the hurt and the pain to conquer all of them

Neptune break these barriers down these are the institutions that are abound whether it is a corporation, school, prison or hospital I want to be there to bring the positive energy around

Neptune cloth with cloak of pure light of energy so it will become a great delight Free my spirit with this invisible silver cord that keeps me attached to part of my higher self as I drift on this planet that holds me together through gravity

Neptune let the music of spears soft my ears bring the words of encouragement, focus, determination and love from the Creator to bring that love to me so I can be in love with myself which is a extension of His/her love

Neptune let the sparks of genius come though the walls that have bring broken down and let be fulfill my destiny through my dreams to reality into being.

The Sun goes into Aquarius 19 - 21 depending on the year


Uranus is far away so distant it might go astray.

It's slow moving but when it reaches you the feeling is profound it strikes you out of the now.

Uranus brings independence and freedom from the upheaval and the chaos that's around me abound.

Uranus- it's about hope, wishes, friendship and dreams- freedom to bring those who are left out of the status quo -to bring them up to where they’re suppose to be.

Uranus is quick and sudden and no turning back like a button.

Uranus is an air sign and it deals with thinking and using your intellectual capability to analyze.

to think ahead of everyone- it’s like being a hundred years in front of the parade and watching it to catch up in a haze.

Uranus is about the universe vast and swirling unknowns that have yet born into being for mankind.

Uranus is change for the better like growing to improve yourself to improve your environment, spirituality and your direction.

It's about humanity working to bring it into a positive state of existence coming out of the chaos after all of the revolutions- all of the governments broken and born again to it into a whole new being.

So we can be ambassadors to the different galaxies in the universe bring the positivity of mankind.

These are the mansions that my father has for all of us- Uranus is a teacher to help us improve our emotions, intellectual and our physical being and spiritual self to bring it all into a new creation.

So all humanity is a school we learn here and take this positive energy and export it to all of the billions of galaxies in the universe that are there waiting for us to teach them what the divine has created us to do.

Uranus is like a beautiful cool breeze on your cheek on a warm day and relaxes you totally to bring you into focus and back who you are.

Uranus is hope, wishes, friendship and dreams coming into being for me and my fellow human beings and the mansions where I will go and teach for the divine.

Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius and it's transiting the solar sun of Aries which is the first house of the Zodiac which ruling planet is Mars which represents action, vigor, war, passions and force.

Capricorn: The Goat

Modality: Cardinal Metal: Lead Keywords: Tenacious, conservative,resourceful, Element: Earth Stone: Abler, Onyx disciplined, wise, ambitious, prudent, Ruler: Saturn Color: Purple, Brown constant Season: Winter Anatomy: The knee, bones, skeleton.

Goats are surefooted (1). They're agile animals but not the bucks who live alone (2). Capricorns are sometimes compared to the mountain goats and are thought to be loners. They find security in cliffs and heights -- the highest places that can be climbed. Capricorn thought is to move through life making success slowly but surely and strength of character is also associated with Capricorns. The glyph for Capricorn is a little more intricate than most. The V is thought to depict the goat's beard; and the tail is that of a fish (Capricorn, in ancient times, was associated with the sea-goat. The Sun is in Capricorn from December 22 to January 19, depending on the year.

Those Capricorn’s who are positive individuals give their own right of fairness to everyone and they are great business minded people. Capricorn is the tenth house of the zodiac and its ruling planet is Saturn -the planet of the status quo, things that are traditional. Saturn also called the planet of Father time- strict task master it also is the planet of Karma pass, present and future and it governs the world governments, business and institutions of all kinds. Most Capricorn’s gear themselves to moving of the ladder of success, employment and prestige whatever field they choose to master.

Capricorn's lesson to learn from the planet of Saturn to get it right or be left behind and it’s like being in a class of rigid instructions to pass the test that has just been given to take and for you to pass you have to follow every step. Capricorn's reach their pinnacle of success in the 40's and onward because of the strict structure Saturn has placed on them. But with their determination and the will to be patient they will reach their goals. Some Capricorns can be great with their monies and don't try to impress when they're aware that as long that all of the current bills are paid and there is food in the refrigerator and gas in the car they're happy.

Now as we know there are two sides to every coin and here is the other side of the Capricorn. These type of Capricorns are very true to their motto "That I Use". They're very furtive and out to get over at means that's necessary and they're con artist at its best so you really can't trust them. Some Capricorn's will butter you up and then make their move on you in a negative way. You will find some of them to be very promiscuous and lay down with anything and get up and dust them-selves off. They're. money crazy and it seems that they're never satisfied they want more and will walk all over you to achieve their goals. You will find that Capricorn's are one of the few signs who wants to settle down but some of them can also use their loving making skills to try some kind or form of control and they also have a tendency to escape in the form of drugs and alcohol for self- guilt and pity parties. Here are some famous people with Sun in Capricorn Dido Armstrong, Nicolas Cage, Michelle Obama, Marlene Dietrich and James Earl Jones.

The Tree

How majestic it stands as its branches reach and expand How the color changes in fall when it drops the leaves to the wall When Spring arrives in its glorious sight- buds turn into heavenly delights As I sit under the tree for its shade from the Sun and the cool breeze on my cheek I see how deep it goes I trace its roots from there to go Oh how it branches out like a spider web making it self to be fed It stands and renews its self in sleep during the winter and dance and play during the Spring and Summer As the fall comes the wind blows and it loses the leaves from the branches which turns into ashes Then it stands strong and bear from its leaves during the Winter and everything that's flown

The Tree

Some trees blossom with beautiful leaves to comfort, soothe and heal you Some trees blossoms with fruit to eat, to smell, to taste and feel, to love Some trees blossoms so their branches protect you from the harmful rays of the Sun Than when the wind blows it gives a welcome breeze that make you glow and sleep and feel lazy on a summer day So let’s plant our dreams like this tree it starts from a seed then a stick plant in the ground as you love it water it The tree started to grow taller and branching up and out to give you the shade that's what it's all about It can be a mess raking the fallen leaves from the ground that's what you do to something you love and found Now the leaves are bear and now it sleeps I still have to take care of that tree because that's me, that's me, that's me My dreams growing majestically spreading out expanding out like a tree


Where Have You Been

Oh spend a month on the moon swimming in emotions that was so soon and guiding my light to my feelings and family to the spoon so we can eat the right emotions to bring us to the moon.

Where Have You Been

I bathed myself in the red rich clay of Mars and rejuvenate my body like I was a baby in the sky of greatness and vitality from my face to my toe I was like a baby in the snow.  Then Pluto summons me to its court and I sashay to the rings which were place on my finger to form some kind marriage to Pluto's.  I then went deep under- ground to turn the things which need to be brought into the light then there was death and resurrection as I beam out like a great light.

Where Have You Been

Then I went to Neptune's where I could see and feel my dreams, ancestors, spiritual guides and guarding angels, master teachers and the divine.   Then I swim into the vastness of our solar system of the Milky Way visited all the planets that were in great rainbow colors on the way.  Full of feelings and sounds that lifted me up with glorious well-being and then I sailed on a cosmic wind to the constellation of Orion's and I placed the belt around my waist and then I was down to pace.

Where Have You Been

Then I was flung into the other galaxies there are so many planets and Suns so I couldn't be on a run I walked and took my time and the knowledge of the divine gave me the rhyme.  Oh it's so vast of oceans and oceans and it's continuing to expand from the Big Bang and all of this information and knowledge that the divine gave me.

   Where Have You Been

He/she said now it's time to return to me a divine being from the rhyme so this is what I'm telling you oh the spiritualness of the universe of the higher self -spiritual truth in everything you do in your dreams, philosophy, mysticism and the knowledge of the Big Bang.  It's all in me so as I speak to give to you love and peace for the human race you're my disciples to spread the truth to you on the right path to the divine.

Where Have You Been

Now I'm wrapped in love in my spirit, mind, emotions and my body so everything is in line His/her truth which leads me back to the divine.  Oh this is wonderful the Sun is the light of day of the seed and the Moon is the light that guides me in the darkness when I can't see.  It guides my emotions to a state of being- to my family and mankind thank you for this journey to see what you have created always leads back to myself to the divine. 

Modality: Mutable Metal: Tin Keywords: optimistic,restless,enthusiastic Element: Fire. Stone: Topaz adventurous,honest,irresponsible Ruler: Jupiter Color: Turquoise outspoken,independent Season: Fall Anatomy: Hips,thighs,muscles 9th Sign of the Zodiac


Sagittarius is represented by the symbols of half man and half animal- the archer shooting it's arrow into its mark. The Sagittarian wants to free itself from man's animal nature and develop their true self which is the soul and spiritual nature. In Greek mythology Centaur was adventurous, brave, wise and was also was known for brawling and uncivilized nature. The Glyph for Sagittarius is a straight forward line showing the archer's arrow slung in a bow this means a need for direction and a higher purpose and abundance.

The Sun enters into the sign of Sagittarius from November 22 to December 21 depending on the year. The positive Sagittarians are very fun individuals to be around and you can count them as one of your true friends. They're adventurous people who love their freedom and they interact with people from all walks of life. Many of them don't judge people and believe in live and let live frame of mind, as long you don't force your belief on them. If you need any form of assistance, they're the first one who will step to the plate to give help in any situation you find yourself in. On many occasions they won't ask for anything in return because you were there for them when they needed help also.

Sagittarius is the ninth house of the Zodiac and it is a mutable sign along with Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces. Its ruling planet is Jupiter which is the largest planet in our Solar system- the planet of expansion, new opportunities , higher self, dreams and mysticism, higher education and foreign culture, international travel , etc. In September the planet of Saturn began its transit through Sagittarius for 2 1/2 years to bring awareness to this sign. It's time for Sagittarians to face their fears and move forward- to become a better person on a more higher spiritual level. Also so it’s time for pass karma to be repaid from previous pass lives and the present. It is possible that you will be rewarded for the good deeds that you gave to the universe (people) or the complete opposite whatever negative deeds that was directed toward others will be returned you instead.

Now it's time to discuss the negative Sagittarians - who are unstable individuals they're easy bored and can become jack of all trades and never master one of them. They can become big liars, braggers and a an ungreatful person and you can't depend on them because their word is not their bond. Some of them are very unfaithful to their partner or their current love interest, will promise you the world deliver nothing. These Sagittarians have a weakness towards a cycle of behavior that can lead to addiction of alcohol, drugs or other unhealthy issues to escape from reality which is seated in their early childhood and need to heal themselves from these issues.

Some famous people with the Sun in Sagittarius Tyra Banks, Benjamin Bratt , Emily Dickinson, Brad Pitt, Christina Aguilera.


Why do we have secrets to swipe under the rug to lock in safes and lock in closet to create a mystery of uncertainties of who, where and when these secrets occur. Secrets When we don't talk about the things we need to talk about our feelings of what happen to certain members of the family who are ostracized from every family gatherings with hints and hear certain aspects of these secrets but we never know the real truth of these secrets.


Why this person is acting like this and what's causing it and what are they running away from and afraid to face it. Why don't they heal themselves and realize that it was not their fault they trust this person or persons they didn't know what they were doing. They're just emulating their pass feeling and thinking that this is the right way to do and be.


Let’s not have secrets lets be true and up front with each other lets pull the rug and swipe the dirt of these secrets and place in the trash where it belongs. So we can begin a new beginning of honesty, openness, trustworthiness and understanding. Secrets

Now that all of the hidden secrets are gone then we can become a true family a father, mother, husband, wife and a brother, sister, niece and a nephew a community, neighborhood, country and the world because we learn to sit down and discuss these secrets that we are holding in about our- selves, feelings , our dreams, our hopes and wishes.


And with this new found light of renewal, cooperation, togetherness we can build on a stronger foundation and teach the generations that will come after us don't have secrets discuss what is bothering you about your feelings. Hope and what you want for your life, children and their children and leave a legacy of openness, kindness, happiness and healing of all of the pain that was cause by these secrets that was really unworthy that was place in this sphere.

The Scorpion/Eagle Modality: Fixed Metal: Steel,Iron Keywords: passionate,perceptive,resourceful, Elements: Water Stone: Topaz, Opal possessive,psychological,prowling Ruler: Pluto, Mars Color: Gold,Purple determined,probing,fixed,focused Season: Fall Anatomy: Genital organs,Bladder,Bowels

Scorpions have two lobster-like claws the Scorpion attacks its victims with a sting of its tail. Some Scorpio's seem to be hateful and revengeful people. The dual nature of Scorpio's needs have to do with the higher spiritual part of them which goes back to ancient times as the symbol of courage and power. The eagle represents a clear vision of power, freedom and to see things more clearly than others, but the real question is how they will use it for good at the highest level of the eagle or the lower level of the Scorpion. The Scorpio's glyph or symbol looks more like a letter M with a tail and the curves show grounded nature of the sign ending in an arrow going up. The need to strive for a more higher purpose - to grow in a more spiritual sense and some believe that the symbol represents the male sex organs and/or the Scorpio's connection to sex. The Sun is in Scorpio from approximately October 23 to November 21 depending on the year.

Scorpio people have the ability to take a look at you and see right through you and if they don't like or dislike you– it will be expressed. The positive Scorpio's will be a loyal friend for life and will stand by you with support in the time of need and they will give their opinion directly to the point, about questions you ask them. They're some of the most fun people to be around and you will be able to call them your life - long friend. Scorpio's are intuitive people and they use this gift to see problems, situations that they encounter.

The Scorpio is ruled by the eight house of the zodiac which is the house of secrets, things that are hidden and behind the scene. The house of death, resurrection rising from the ashes and the house of other people’s resources, intimacy and Scorpio's fella water signs along with Cancer and Pisces- so they react to everything on an emotional level first. Scorpio's ruling planets are Mars and Pluto. Mars is the planet of war, action, vigor, love and passion and anger. Pluto is the planet of death, resurrection, transformation and give light on things that are hidden deep in the under-ground- resulting in that light to shine on for change for the better. That's why you will find many Scorpio's who are in the military and great generals also you find them as some of the world’s great surgeons.

The negative Scorpios can be a real power to encounter. They're very secretive in everything that they do. (Example) the story about the Scorpio that asked the turtle for a ride across the river and he said ok. The Scorpio's stated to the turtle that he was going to slow and the turtle said well than get off of my back and swim the Scorpio's then became angry what the turtle said this to him and stung the turtle and then they both drowned. The point that I'm trying to make is that the negative Scorpio's can be self -destructive to themselves and others - full of hateful, jealousy, vengeful and deceitful.

The Scorpio's just ended a 2 1/2 years period of transformation into a more positive human being if they have learn the lessons which the planet of Saturn which was transiting their Sun sign for change, growth and letting go of hurt, fear, bitterness and revenge. By accepting the repayment of pass karma whether it’s positive or negative to grow from it and become the most higher form of a Scorpio - to become more spiritual as the majestic eagle. Here are some famous Scorpio's Ben Affleck, Lauren Bassette, Whoopi Goldberg, Harry Hamlin, Steven Spielberg, Eminem.